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LOOP-LOC: Trusted Safety Swimming Pool Covers

LOOP-LOC, Ltd., a family-owned business founded by Bill Donaton in 1978, is a leading manufacturer of safety covers for swimming pools, in-ground pool vinyl liners, and removable fencing. read more

Hydrofloors®: Transforming Technology

Hydrofloors® creates movable floors that can be raised/lowered to conceal or reveal a luxury swimming pool. This means you can own a custom-designed pool without giving up precious living space. read more

SwimEx: Exceptional Resistance Pools

For the past 29 years, family-owned SwimEx has manufactured compact resistance pools, or swim spas, of various sizes and depths to accommodate lap swimming, aquatic exercise, and rehabilitative therapy. read more

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Trends In Outdoor Living

How Pool and Spa Designers Work with Outside Trades to Create the Perfect Backyard Space

It’s all about teamwork. A top pool designer explains how collaboration and communication among all of the project’s artisans is the key to success.

How to Customize Your Spa into a One-of-a-Kind Backyard Getaway

Your spa can be more than a magnificent work of art. Some of the features popular in portable hot tubs can be incorporated into custom-crafted spas—including therapy jets, seats, and swim jets.

Guidelines for Designing a Custom Spa

Spas are popular features to integrate into pools—or even as a stand-alone feature—and should never be an afterthought. Options for giving your poolscape the stylish accompaniment it deserves.

Rule Number 1 when Designing a Custom Spa

A detailed how-to on selecting the proper spa style for your home, property and outdoor space. 

Why You Should Consider Attaching a Custom Spa to Your Luxury Pool

For the ultimate backyard recreational experience, include an attached spa to your pool project—and when finished in glass tile, the result is breathtaking!

Pool Deck Drainage Basics

Determine how proper drainage is fundamental in keeping your pool deck beautiful and functional for years of backyard enjoyment!

Pervious Options for Pool Decks

Alternative materials for crafting out-of-the box pool decks—from lawns to natural stone, the best ingredients for building long-lasting decks that defy the imagination.

Finishing Products for Pool Decks

Innovations in crafting veneered surfaces and wood decks give homeowners even more pool deck choices. Explore the many options now available for poolside use.

Options for Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete is one the best materials for crafting a pool deck—but it doesn’t have to be boring! Tips on creating exquisite concrete decks that are the epitome of style.

3 Most Wanted Outdoor Additions

Explore how to use pool houses, conservatories, and outdoor kitchens to take your backyard to the next level of elegance and sophistication.