5 Ways to Make Use of the Front Lawn

The front lawn is the first thing guests see when approaching your house. If you’re lucky to own one you shouldn’t neglect it. Show it off to the world by opting for one of these landscaping ideas.

Go suburban

Nothing beats a simplistically neatly mowed lawn as seen in all the suburban neighborhoods in every movie of the eighties. You can even mow strips in your lawn to give it an extra neat finish. This approach can take a lot of meticulous effort, although you can always hire someone to do it for you. As this company College Fund Landscaping shows, there are companies set up specifically to trim people’s lawns. This will ensure your lawn is extra tidy.

Create a flower feature

Flowers can create a happy and warm entrance to your home. You can plant beds, place in pots or even get hanging baskets. If your front garden is in the shade plants such as golden marjoram and chamomile work brilliantly, as well as offering a fragrance. Avoid dense planting that could obstruct your windows. That said if you want to keep the peeping toms away, flowery hedges can be much prettier than a brick wall.

Lead guests up the garden path

Invite people into your home by installing a garden path leading from a gate. Gravel paths are the easiest option and can be easily made to wind. For a touch of magic, why not add a stepping stone path? Paths can be lined with plants to make them stand out even more, although you should avoid plants that are likely to need to be cut back. You can even set up an arch to walk underneath, although this is probably better for longer front gardens.

Make it social

If you live rural and don’t have to deal with too many passers-by, a front garden could be a nice place to eat your dinner and drink wine in the evening. Install some paving out the front, a couple deck chairs and a small table and you’re sorted. For homeowners with kids, a front garden can also be a great place for sports features such as trampolines, goal posts and basketball hoops – protecting your back garden from harm. Of course, if there’s a busy road out the front, balls could end up on the road, so again this is only best for rural areas and quiet cul de sacs.

Start a vegetable patch

A front lawn could be a good place to start your own allotment. You can start home growing your own vegetables such as bean sprouts, potatoes, onions, carrots and shallots and save money on groceries. Make sure your soil is suitable first – clay can be nutrient-filled in the summer but become waterlogged in the winter. Stony earth may meanwhile cause certain vegetables like carrots to become oddly shaped. Generally all front gardens should be fertile enough – you just may only be able to grow select vegetables.

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