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SWD Master, Society of Watershape Designers™, APSP, ASA, AIA, ACI

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At Clearwater Construction Group, managing partners Ryan Oakes and David Hooper take a philosophical view when designing and building residential and commercial water features.

“We believe that water is an essential component of life,” says Oakes. “We begin our lives in water, we are primarily composed of water, and we spend our entire lives seeking out water for nourishment.”

“We also see water as a sculptural medium, presented and layered over structural elements,” he adds. “A swimming pool is a unique concept in that it provides a place where water can be both sculptural and recreational.”

And the best pools, says Hooper, are a harmonious blend of classic style, sound construction, and cutting-edge technology. “The pool is the perfect place to marry form and function,” he adds.

Based in Burlington, North Carolina, the 20-year-old company not only designs and builds pools but a variety of projects from fountains to art installations, water features, and all things related to stone.

While the firm builds in various media, its focus has always centered on water. “Being involved in an array of construction projects as well as art installations allows us the unique opportunity to push the envelopes of possibilities,” says Oakes.

“Our acquired knowledge of concrete, shotcrete, steel, and other construction media has provided a broad pool of resources to draw upon,” he adds.

Oakes recently achieved SWD Master status, certified through the Society of Watershape Designers®, a GENESIS® program. The firm is a member of APSP and ASA (American Shotcrete Association), and an Allied Member of AIA (American Institute of Architects), NC Home Builders Association, and ACI (American Concrete Institute).

Its many awards include APSP International Awards of Excellence, ASA Outstanding Project of the Year, Luxury Pools + Outdoor Living Pinnacle Award, James B. Powell Best Downtown Renovation Award, Best Façade Renovation, and the Minetree Pyne Historic Preservation Award.

The renowned design/build company prides itself on delivering turnkey projects that exceed clients’ expectations. Oakes and Hooper have both lived and worked overseas, and will consider unique projects internationally as well as in the United States. 


Clearwater Construction Group, Inc.




3580 South Church Street

Burlington, NC 27215



In the Pool-Building Business for 20 Years

Designs and Builds 20-30 Pools per Year

Service Area: North Carolina, Virginia, and International

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