Backyard Transformations

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The swimming pool industry has changed significantly over the years. Twenty to 30 years ago pools tended to be very simple and may have lacked design or style. Customers did not have very many options when it came to plaster finishes, the colors of tiles, or the shape of the pool. And, let’s face it, some pool contractors lacked imagination or didn’t have an eye for design and style when they were building pools. Newer swimming pools have become much more of showpiece for backyards. You may be wondering, what the solution is when you have an older pool that is lacking the design elements and style of the newer pools.

As the oldest swimming pool builder in Northern New Jersey, Lehmann Pools & Spas often sees pools that were built 20 plus years ago. Design wise, these pools are fairly simple, the finishes are out of date, and many times they are starting to fail. The good news is that these pools can all be updated and re-finished to look completely different and your pool can look brand new once again. There are also so many new finish materials and techniques that were not available when these pools were originally built that, when used, can now turn a simple pool or even one with minor structural issues into a maintenance free, stunning backyard oasis that will provide enjoyment for another two decades.


Adding features are another way to update a pool and give it that “wow” factor. Design features such as waterfalls, spas, sunning shelves, and water slides can be added. In addition a simple redesign of finishes such as new coping stones, tiles, decking and interior finishes can also dramatically change the look of a pool. The equipment and plumbing can also be updated to make everything run more efficiently, resulting in significant savings.

If you are in Lehmann Pools & Spas service area and have a pool that is in need of a renovation or some updating, please contact them and they would be happy to help turn your existing pool into a showpiece. Let their team show you what your backyard can be.

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