A Company Built on Apprenticeship

Photographs courtesy of Mosaicist, Inc.

Master mosaicist Luigi Scodeller is the finger print of Mosaicist, Inc. Graduated from the “Scuola di Mosaico Irene” in Spilinbergo, Italy, this master artisan had more than 50 years in the elaboration and installation of artistic mosaic artworks. Before his passing, he was a leader in the industry. Mosaicist incorporated in the United States 20 years ago, and has roots that stem deep into hundreds of years of craftsmanship expertise.

Mosaicist has designed, manufactured, and installed project spanning the globe, including Russia, London, Cypress, Switzerland, throughout the U.S. and Caribbean, to name a few.

Photographs courtesy of Mosaicist, Inc.

The company designs and manufactures mosaic artwork and applications for churches and city projects, as well as maintains a strong focus in the swimming pool industry. We thrive when working with architects, designers, and pool builders while creating custom designs that work in unison with the build style of the home and pool. Mosaicist also offers custom colors with exceptional lead times.

“Although we believe in collaboration with other artists, like-minded companies, and installers, we are one of the few organizations in the world that can take a project from a design concept to manufacture to final installation, all in-house,” comments president of Mosaicist, Inc., Ray Corral.

Turnkey, one-stop shop projects is a key success when collaborating with the pool industry. Offering a wide range of applications with our installation services which not only are old techniques and methods dating back to the Byzantine era but up to date with the latest high performance installation products and methods in the market today.


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In Business for 20 Years

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