Signature Spaces


ristine Acres focuses on designing and building one-of-a-kind
outdoor spaces, specifically geared towards property owners who want exceptional quality matched with out-of-the-box design. 

Pristine Acres is a small business that believes in providing clients a genuine and memorable experience throughout the entire process while delivering a completed project that is left to impress. The company specializes in complete property design where the property, residence, and the outdoor living space is integrated seamlessly through a partnership between Pristine Acres and their clients.

Steve Waldron, Jr., the founder and President of Pristine Acres, has a strong background in the built environment having been raised in the construction industry. Waldron has a passion for working with people and through his life’s experiences has developed a unique process which provides clients a refreshing experience. “Building your dream backyard shouldn’t be a headache, it should be an exciting, meaningful, and fun process” says Waldron.

Kevin Kurdziolek, Pristine Acres Director of Design and Licensed Landscape Architect shares on Steve’s outlook, “It is not everyday you find a contractor who enjoys innovation and pushing the boundaries of design.”

Pristine Acres has a strong foundation in a thorough and technical design process accented with cutting edge technology. “We believe every home owner and property are unique and the project should be equally as unique and carry its own identity,” states Kurdziolek. “Our process always begins with listening to the client and becoming accustomed to the property though an in-depth walk through. From there a series of hand sketches are created that begin to shape ideas and concepts into forms on paper. This is where the traditional design process ends and the innovative process begins. We then use a wide range of computer programs where we then carefully study, evaluate, and revise the design into its full potential and into something that is presentable to our clients. Communication of the design is just as important as the design itself and with today’s technology a picture, or in our case, a rendering, really is worth 1,000 words,” adds Kurdziolek.

Even with a unique outlook and coming up with innovative designs, Pristine Acres would not be complete without its exceptional team of construction professionals. “The construction crews are true craftsmen of their trade, whether carefully measuring every carpentry detail, or hand chiseling each and every stone by hand to get the perfect look, they can do it all,” comments Waldron.

Currently, Pristine Acres’ high-quality construction services are exclusive to the Northern Virginia area, but offers design services across the nation. If you are located in the Northern Virginia area and looking to develop your property into a one-of-a-kind artistic creation built to the highest standards through an enjoyable experience, Pristine Acres is your answer.

Photographs courtesy of Pristine Acres

Pristine Acres, LLC
Member of American Society of Landscape Architects & Licensed Landscape Architect (VA)

10130 Colvin Run Rd. Suite E
Great Falls, VA 22066
In Business Since 2007
Designs and Builds 15 Pools per Year
SERVICE AREA: Northern Virginia

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