Ryan Hughes Design

Artistry of Space

(Above) Encompassing five bodies of water, a one of a kind Ryan Hughes Design Build project is aglow with lighting, a lazy river, water features, and a collection of outdoor living spaces crafted for enjoyment by all ages.

Offering a fresh new perspective on outdoor living and the spaces that accommodate it, Ryan Hughes Design is a second-generation company reborn for the 21st century. Ryan Hughes and his team’s work can be found in intimate to over-the-top outdoor living spaces and award-winning swimming pools across the United States and Canada.

Among the firm’s specialties is the ability to capture a client’s unique vision. By creating intimate settings that fit beautifully with the surrounding environs, Ryan Hughes has become known for what he terms “artistry of space.” Signature design elements include state-of-the-art water and fire features, custom stonework, and sophisticated landscape plantings—all of which blend together to brilliant effect. 

From glistening water columns spilling from a cantilever outdoor pavilion to elegant infinity spas or lounging shelves with bespoke casual furnishing, Ryan Hughes designed outdoor rooms are full of intricacy and creativity, all built for enjoyment day or night. 

From Hughes signature space-conscious but technology rich environs to multi-million-dollar outdoor living complexes, the term unique is always an understatement.  From 10,000 square feet of aqua-centered opulence to luxe, but space limited, man-made beach retreats, creativity and structurally complexity are always included.   Ryan Hughes has become known for the finest in pools and spas, sight lines and engineering, artwork and artistry.  In the skilled hands of his team, each project comes together in diverse and inspired ways worthy of industry awards and inclusion in international design books.

 Offering the services of a licensed pool contractor, as well as landscape design and architectural expertise, the Ryan Hughes team specializes in pool engineering, pool construction and outdoor living space management as well as completing the design with luxury casual furnishings.  

With keen insight into the latest and most credible element and features, Ryan Hughes Design delivers to their clients harmonious, logical and aesthetically pleasing extensions of their homes.

 With years of collective design-build experience, the firm delivers advanced technical knowledge coupled with top of the line automation systems, progressive outdoor lighting, and advanced smart technology.  The team is skilled at creating dynamic outdoor kitchens to engineered marvels in state-of-the-art water movement and enjoyment.   

 Ryan Hughes also offers his unique pool and outdoor living designs as well as engineering and construction consultation services through collaborative associations with select outdoor living architects.

 In short, for the homeowner looking for the ultimate outdoor living space, Ryan Hughes Design is the firm to contact. 

Photographs by Seth Balough

Ryan Hughes Design/Build

13808 Monroes Business Park, Tampa, FL 33635
In Business since 1974
Designs/Builds 25 Pools per Year
Service Area: Design: International
Constructions: Throughout Florida

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