5 Courtyards From Luxe to Lush

A house with a courtyard just may be the (totally unofficial) dream home in temperate locales the world over. An area without a roof, enclosed either completely or partially by the walls of a building, provides a cool, secluded space for outdoor lounging and entertaining. Beyond the appeal of the courtyard itself, including this design feature means a boost in natural light and indoor-outdoor flow. See if one of these homes with courtyards, from one with a cool pool in Miami to a tiled Moroccan oasis, is worthy of your style file.

Find the Right Flooring


Courtyards 1: Balfoort Architecture, Inc., original photo on Houzz


1. Miami Mod

With views of the pool from nearly every room in the house, this Florida home is all about indoor-outdoor living. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors can open up to create a seamless flow. And check out that walkway right across the pool!


Courtyards 2: Balfoort Architecture, Inc., original photo on Houzz


Here you can see a view of the pool from inside the home — notice how the slick white floors and tall pillars echo the reflective pool and palms outside.


Courtyards 3: Artisan of Seagrove, original photo on Houzz


2. Glamorous Pool

Arches adorned with flowing blue curtains, high balconies and an unusual C-shaped pool make this space especially captivating. Imagine sitting on the upper balcony, catching a cool breeze, while gazing at the pool below … bliss!


Courtyards 4: Artisan Books original photo on Houzz


3. Moroccan Tiled

In this traditional Moroccan courtyard, pattern upon pattern of hand-painted tiles are layered to stunning effect. Want to bring this look home? Tile is a natural complement to white stucco — try mixing two to four different patterns in the same colorway. Finish with a boldly patterned rug and low-slung, lounge-worthy furniture.

Bring in the Breezes With Colorful Curtains and Drapes


Courtyards 5: Klopf Architecture, original photo on Houzz


4. Eichler Cool

This classic midcentury Eichler home was updated with a sleek courtyard makeover. A Japanese maple was added for color and shade, and simple, streamlined furnishings were brought in.


Courtyards 6: Thompson Custom Homes, original photo on Houzz


5. Stately Arches

Columns and arches set the stage for a luxurious courtyard pool in this grand Houston home. Climbing vines suggest coolness — a much-desired feature in the hot Texas summers!

Taking a step back, we see a spacious dining area beneath the eaves of the house, with a view of the pool.

How to Design an Inviting Courtyard

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