Landscape Design Tips for Beginners

We would all love to boast about having the best garden in the neighborhood, but unfortunately getting one isn’t as simple as talking about it. It takes serious dedication and hard work to have an amazing garden.
If you’re not planning on hiring a landscape gardener to design it and create it all for you, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing garden.

Landscaping also means that you can get yourself a bit of extra privacy in your garden if that’s what you desire. By using trees, fencing, and other featured furniture, you’ll be able to protect yourself from prying neighbors.

Follow these fantastic landscape design tips for beginners to get you well on your way.


Study your garden

Pay attention to important things like sun placement and wind patterns. If you get plenty of sunlight then it might be a great idea to place a patio on the west side of the house. That does however mean that dinner times in the summer will have to be strictly inside though as it will be extremely hot. Equally, wind patterns can ruin a landscape gardeners dreams if they aren’t paid attention to accordingly. You might dream of having a firepit in a certain location in the garden but it just might not be feasible.


Become an artist for the day

We’re not suggesting you suddenly learn how to paint like Picasso or train to study like a world renowned architect, but being able to accurately draw your ideas onto a piece of paper will help you plan your garden. You don’t need to be an artist who can bring things to life on paper, you just need to be able to get the sizing right so that everything comes together how it should when it’s time to get the shovel out.


Line the garden with trees

Trees can really bring a garden alive and they add gorgeous character to any landscape garden. The great thing is that they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you can definitely find one to suit your plans. It’s important to maintain your trees all year round, so if you’re unsure of how to care for them or you’d like to have a hazardous tree removed from your garden, consult with a tree service specialist.


Slowly but surely

Garden makeover programs are giving us all unrealistic expectations when it comes to our gardens. Be patient and accept that change will be gradual. Change smaller areas bit by bit and focus on them until finished. Trying to juggle too much at once can mean you’re going backwards rather than forwards. It’s not a race. Designing your dream garden should be an enjoyable process.

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