Automatic pool covers extend the pool season and reduce operation costs. Photo and design by Gib-San Pools.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Pool and Spa More Eco-friendly

Make your swimming pool more eco-friendly without affecting the cleanliness of the pool, all while helping your wallet and the environment.

If swimming pools are your favorite form of backyard entertainment, you should be aware that they can have a negative impact on the environment. We’ve compiled 5 easy ways to make your pool more eco-friendly and enjoy swimming in an environmentally conscious way!

Use Pool and Hot Tub Covers

Use swimming pool covers to reduce water evaporation. Covering the pool when not in use can cut down on chemical consumption and save you money. It also keeps debris, leaves, animals and insects out of your swimming pool, so it is always clean for swimmers. According to Connor Gibbs, SWD, of Gib-San Pools, “An automatic cover can help owners extend the pool season by a couple of months and concurrently reduce their operational costs.

Another benefit of pool covers is safety. Keeping your pool and spa clean is important, but safety is paramount! You can even customize your pool covers with photos or logos or install a moveable floor to expand your outdoor living space. For more information about swimming pool covers, click here.

Twinscape’s Hydrofloor increases outdoor living space with a moveable sub-floor within the pool. Photo courtesy of Twinscape.

Pool Automation Technology

Swimming pool automation technology allows you to monitor swimming pools remotely. If programmed properly, it can turn on pumps automatically when needed and even shut off the water flow if no one is using the swimming pool! Pentair and Hayward are a few of the companies who specialize in cutting-edge pool automation solutions. Click here for more information about swimming pool automation systems.

Use Reclaimed Decking or Natural Stones

Many swimming pools are being built with a plastic swimming pool deck instead of the traditional concrete. This is great for several reasons. First, it doesn’t require as much maintenance and upkeep, making it more eco-friendly. Second, there’s less strain on your wallet because you don’t have to hire someone to re-paint or refinish. You can also consider designing with durable and easy to replenish materials such as bamboo, and natural stones.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools has designed and built a variety of pools that incorporate natural stone hardscaping.

Reduce the Use of Chemicals

From swimming pool water treatment chemicals to chlorine tablets, the use of chemicals around a swimming pool has been on the rise. In fact, it’s estimated that many swimming pools across America have more than twice as much chemical byproducts in their swimming pool water compared to tap water! For swimming pool and spa maintenance, look for a company that offers environmentally friendly chemicals or eco-friendly technologies. Remember to always read product labels and follow manufacturer instructions—whether you do it yourself or hire an expert.

One of the smartest—but often overlooked—eco-friendly technology that pool buyers should consider are alternative sanitizers. “No one wants to swim in chemical-laden water that gives you red eyes, dry skin and hair, and that awful, irritating smell,” says Steve Treese, national president of Blue Haven Pools. “Whether the technology is ozone, ozone with ultraviolet light, or  advanced oxidation process, you will slash needed amounts of harsh chemicals while maintaining fresh, swim-ready pool water.”

Solar Heaters and Pool Cleaners

Solar pool heaters and swimming pool cleaners are two additional eco-friendly technologies that can really extend the life of a swimming pool. Solar heating systems use solar power to provide up to 30% of your swimming pool’s warm water needs, while also cutting down on energy consumption from expensive natural gas or electric bills. Similarly, a solar-powered pool cleaning robot, like Ariel, skims the surface of your pool to remove all debris, including very fine particles like dirt, pollen, dust, and oil. 

Think Outside the Pool

In addition to environmentally friendly options for your pool and hot tub, there are also many ways you can be eco-friendly throughout your backyard.

For example, drip irrigation saves a lot of money and water that you would use with a regular irrigation head. Also, opting for low-voltage, energy efficient LED bulbs in and around the pool area saves electricity and looks stunning. You can also conserve water as you filter. The water can be reused for your landscaping, washing cars, and other purposes.

Being Green is Easy

Swimming pools are high maintenance ecosystems that require a lot of chemicals to function properly. However, there are many ways you can make swimming pool care more eco-friendly without affecting the overall cleanliness of the pool area. By switching out just a few things, you can take steps towards a more eco-friendly pool, spa, and backyard.

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