A Design Partnership Approach for Award-Winning Project Results

Some project opportunities are just… special, and you know it as soon as you see it.  Whether it is a project site with a magnificent view, a home with a unique style, or a homeowner with grand ideas and both the desire and ability to push the limits, these are the opportunities where you stop and think, “I bet I could do something really incredible here!” On these one-of-a-kind projects, Jason Brownlee seeks the opportunity to come along side and partner with both the pool builder and homeowner to create an award-winning team focused on creating something spectacular.

Photographs courtesy of J. Brownlee Design

“With our shared design vision, backed by the powerful 3D modeling and presentation graphic package we prepare, we assist our partnered project contractor and let his construction expertise shine, create extraordinary projects, and help place him or her on a different level apart from their competition – often while winning prestigious national awards along the way,” says Brownlee, owner of J.Brownlee Design, an award-winning landscape architecture and watershape design studio that is recognized by its peers as one of the leaders in the industry.

Photographs courtesy of J. Brownlee Design

“We thrive on creative design and strive to find that unique character in each project that sets it apart and makes it special,” says Brownlee. 

Jason Brownlee is a licensed landscape architect, SWD Registered, and a faculty member of both GENESIS University and Watershape University, where he teaches design courses to pool industry professionals.

Photographs courtesy of J. Brownlee Design

Working collaboratively with clients across the country including discerning homeowners, quality pool industry professionals, luxury custom home builders, and community developers, Brownlee develops a total outdoor design concept, which serves as a true reflection of the client’s home, property, family, and lifestyle.  He also provides each client with a powerful graphic presentation package, including complete 3D model of the designed space to clearly illustrate the design as a whole, as well as to communicate the reasoning behind the spaces created, the materials selected, and the decisions made.  The result is a thoughtful vision for the outdoor space that sets both the project and the partnered project team up for success.

Photographs courtesy of J. Brownlee Design


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