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Photographs courtesy of Outdoor Hardscapes

Jim Walsh, Owner of Outdoor Hardscapes, came to California in the 90s from the East Coast. He started his career in the East putting brick faces on custom homes.  When he came out West, he noticed a high need for people to capitalize on their yards that were hardly used. Walsh encouraged one owner at a time to hardscape their yards with outdoor living areas includintg pools and spas. Today, Outdoor Hardscapes has become a premier go-to company for luxury homes for their complete design and install of outdoor living areas, pools, and spas.

Photographs courtesy of Outdoor Hardscapes

Outdoor Hardscapes carries multiple licenses including a General contractor license which allows them to build the complete package from pool houses, remodels, pools, spas and all building needs. As the company grew, Walsh recognized the need to innovate and partner with the right people.  He brought on Howard Huckabee who has a strong background in technology and design to combine their efforts in making them one of the leaders in design and install companies in the Los Angeles market.

Photographs courtesy of Outdoor Hardscapes

“The formula for success on any project is to surround yourself with people
who are more talented than you,” comments Walsh.

Some of the challenges in the beach communities is space—you have small yards to work with giving you no room for your pool and spa equipment.  Outdoor Hardscapes was one of the first companies to pioneer the underground vault system for residential homes. This enables the equipment to not be seen or heard and facilitates a seamless design. For example, all the equipment for the pool in the Manhattan Beach, CA, project is under the patio.  When Outdoor Hardscapes started implementing the vault system it would take engineers eight weeks to come up with the engineering just for the vault. Today, Pool Engineering, Inc.  has a standard vault plan available over the counter.

Photographs courtesy of Outdoor Hardscapes

“Our goal with Outdoor Hardscapes and outdoor living design, in general, is to make it a one-stop shop for people, especially at the luxury level,” adds Huckabee.

Outdoor Hardscapes is based in Manhattan Beach, CA, and services all the beach communities from Orange County to Malibu.

Outdoor Hardscapes
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Designing Pools for 17 Years
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