Unique Design Firm Makes a Big Splash

Photographs courtesy of Steele's Signature Pools

Steele’s Signature Pools is a client-focused team of experts that specializes in residential custom pool design. This boutique firm is making a big impression when it comes to luxuriating swim and spa experiences across New Jersey, crafting their work approach from ambition, innovation, and moxie.

“We pour ourselves into every pool we design,” quips Adam Steele, CBP, Steele’s Signature Pools. “Our design process begins in the mind and is finished by hand, but it’s our heart that drives everything we do, 110%”

It’s this ambition that’s highly evident in the firm’s design principles. They don’t rely on a catalog of previous patterns when mapping out a client’s project. Instead, each build caters to the client’s preferences and incorporates the homes’ landscapes and the ways the client likes to entertain.

“A backyard pool isn’t meant to be enjoyed alone. It’s a shared space where people create memories,” Steele insists. “We pay respect to that with each design, making sure that the
client gets a beautiful product that suits their lifestyle.”

Attention to detail, a knack for pushing boundaries, and a taste for complexity is what makes Steele’s Signature Pools a leading luxury pool builder in New Jersey. In 2019, the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) honored the firm with three awards for Outstanding Achievement and featured Steele’s in their quarterly publication, The Edge.

“We like to push the boundaries of swimming pool architecture,” states Steele. “Our innovative designs are bold and daring.”

Steele’s Signature Pools
Member of Pool & Hot Tub
Alliance, Northeast Spa & Pool

46 South Main Street, Suite E
Medford, NJ 08055
In the Pool Business Since 2011
Builds and Designs 27 Pools per Year
Service Area: New Jersey

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