Sizzle in Style: Fire Magic Launches High-End Electric Grills

Discover the Ultimate in Electric Grilling Technology Designed for Outdoor Gourmet Cooking

Fire Magic, the iconic brand known for producing some of the most advanced luxury gas grills in the industry, has now ventured into the realm of electric grilling with its new line of high-end, built-in electric grills. These grills are now available and cater to those who prefer or require electric grilling solutions due to location restrictions or personal choice.

Crafted in the USA by RH Peterson Co., the new line exemplifies a commitment to sustainability without sacrificing the luxury and performance that Fire Magic is renowned for. The EL500 model, a standout in this new range, incorporates many of the same advanced features found in Fire Magic’s gas grills but with innovative additions tailored for electric grilling.

The introduction of these electric grills is a significant development, especially in settings where open flames are prohibited. Steve Easley, Principal of Steve Easley & Associates, an expert in sustainable building, praises the EL500 for its exceptional performance and design, noting that it meets the high standards expected from a luxury grill.

The EL500 Electric Grill boasts impressive specifications:

  • It reaches temperatures up to 700 degrees, enabling quick searing.
  • Its large 30”x16” cooking surface is complemented by proprietary stainless-steel Flavor Grids that enhance the flavors of the grilled food.
  • It features patented Diamond Sear cooking grids for even grilling.
  • The grill’s body is constructed from durable 304 stainless steel and has a rapid 15-minute preheat time.
  • For convenience, it offers thermostatic control via a touchscreen panel or remotely through Bluetooth® or WiFi from a smartphone.
  • The grill requires a 240 VAC power supply and has specific cutout dimensions for installation.

Jerry Scott, Senior Vice President of Sales at RH Peterson Co., emphasizes that the EL500 is designed to deliver the same taste profiles as high-performance gas grills, with a luxury appearance characterized by a sophisticated black-glass control panel that’s both stylish and easy to maintain.

The new line includes three models, each featuring unique controls and functionalities, ranging from single to dual thermostatic controls. Available through selected dealers in the U.S., Canada, and some international markets, the Fire Magic electric grills also offer supporting CAD files and 3D models for design integration.

This launch marks an extension of RH Peterson Co.’s 75-year legacy of providing premium indoor and outdoor products, maintaining their commitment to quality and craftsmanship while embracing modern needs for sustainability and versatility in grilling technology. For more details or to make a purchase, interested customers can visit the Fire Magic website or contact them directly.

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