HIDE Skimmer Cover in timber deck

Items to Increase Safety Inside and Out of the Pool

Products and designs that help keep your backyard safe.

From fencing to pool covers to monitoring systems, here are some must-have amenities that are useful, stylish, and increase safety inside and out of the pool.

Skimmer Covers

The backyard pool is a timeless icon of summer fun. But there is a serious side to owning your backyard dream—pool safety. The skimmer box is the main suction point of the pool, attached to a very powerful pump. Limbs and hair can become trapped, resulting in serious accidents, especially for children.

HIDE® Skimmer Covers have safety covered. The HIDE® Skimmer Cover allows ventilation around the cover’s perimeter, which provides superior ventilation to the pump. The increased airflow surface area is less likely to be blocked and dramatically improves safety.

The HIDE® Edge Protector and Cover are made from 316L marine grade stainless steel, which is incredibly robust and prevents the decking material from breaking, even after years of use. Weak, brittle, or broken covers are very dangerous.

A HIDE® Cover cannot be opened without the ‘safety key’. This patented locking system makes HIDE® Covers the safest skimmer cover option. Learn more at skimmercovers.com.

Safety Pool Cover + Removable Fencing

Loop-Loc® safety swimming pool covers and removable fences are designed to help keep children and pets safe during the winter months or during extended periods of time when the pool will be left unattended.

Available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics to complement any backyard décor, Loop-Loc’s exclusive Aqua-Xtreme “Virtually Solid” mesh safety cover offers light blocking fabric that not only deters algae growth but drains lightening quick. Plus, this new weave is super strong to give you complete peace of mind.  U.L. certified and meeting all ASTM safety standards, Loop-Loc covers come with a 15-year pro-rated warranty.

To learn more about Loop-Loc products including safety pool covers, luxury in-ground pool liners, and Baby-Loc Removable Fencing, visit  looploc.com.

AI Camera Pool Safety System

Imagine how reassuring it would be to know someone is watching over your pool 24/7.

CamerEye’s intelligent AI camera safety system detects when people and pets are in and around your pool and distinguishes between someone playing, swimming or relaxing from actual distress. And if someone crosses the SmartFence or is in distress, CamerEye detects it immediately and sends alerts and sounds an alarm within seconds of detection.

CamerEye is also the only camera-based pool alarm to meet ASTM F2208-08 standards that provides comprehensive pool protection and approved to replace floating pool alarms, door alarms, and in-pool splash alarms. 

CamerEye is always connected and never distracted so you are constantly alerted about your pool safety, maintenance, and automation.

Enjoy your pool the way it was meant to be enjoyed and live with a peace of mind that it is being watched 24/7. Learn more at camereye.ai.

ALX Contemporary Cable Railing

Railings can serve to protect children, pets, and even adults. It may seem like a short distance, but any fall can lead to broken bones or other injuries.

Achieve a clean, minimalist style, with Deckorators’ ALX Contemporary Cable railing. This railing has a beautiful powder-coated finish that resists scratches and corrosion and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Stainless steel cable available in various lengths varying from 5′ to 50′ and four powder-coated colors: Textured Black, Textured White, Weathered Brown, and Bronze.To learn more about Deckorators decking and railing accessories, visit deckorators.com.

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