Pioneer Millworks Announces New Sustainable Decking Option

Pioneer Millworks has introduced a new sustainable decking option to consumers, contractors, designers, and builders, Pioneer Millworks Accoya® Color — Grey Decking. The all-natural exterior wood decking option comes pre-treated and ready to install. FSC®-certified and cradle-to-cradle gold certified, it is a top choice for sustainability and material health that was recognized as a best product offering at Boutique Design (BDNY) 2022 this past fall.

What makes this new product so special is the outstanding stability and rot resistance resulting from the acetylation of the wood. These sustainable decking boards can withstand the harshest of climates without requiring refinishing – ever, backed by a 25-year warranty. The raw timber is subjected to a modification process as a milled plank or beam using acetic anhydride, in short, the pine timbers are processed with a food grade vinegar treatment which chemically modifies the softwood pine to perform better than even some of the best hardwoods by preventing the cells in the wood from being able to absorb water. The result is high performing sustainable lumber with sustainability credentials that exceed those of man-made, intensely resource depleting, and heavily carbon-polluting alternatives.

Going further, these decking boards have then immersed in a natural gray dye that penetrates the wood to the core with pigment, meaning that any cut ends maintain their color without needing any additional stains or finishes, and the decking surface does not require refinishing throughout its lifecycle, and it comes backed by a 25-year warranty.

Pioneer Millworks Accoya® Color — Grey Decking has superior dimensional stability and durability, which means it’s not as susceptible to rot, warping, shrinking, or swelling like other decking options. It can withstand the harshest of climates with minimal physical maintenance. It also has a low propensity to splinter and has low thermal gain in direct sunlight or in warm climates, making it a truly barefoot-friendly material under any foot.

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