International Swim Day

Celebrate the start of summer with swimming

Water fascinates us. It excited us. It draws us in.

There are 10,000 year old rock paintings drawn by ancient Egyptians of people swimming, written references depicting the motion of swimming dating back to 2000 BC, and plenty of historical recordings since, illustrating the pure joy swimming can bring.

Swimming memories are closely related to hot summer pool parties, but it can include much more – surfing, tubing, water skiing or boating in a river, lake or ocean.

Friday, the 21st of June, is the first day of summer and also will be the first official International Swim Day.

So whether you are about to kick off the summer or are holding on to those last few days of the season, we encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy their time in the water.

Let’s share in the fun together. Please share your photos at hashtag #swimday2019.

Below, above or in water, take time to go swim on International Swim Day.

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