Defy Ordinary with Custom Pool Mosaics

Given any inspiration – a photograph, original artwork, or even a fabric swatch – our design team will collaborate with you to transform your inspiration into a custom mosaic masterpiece.

Dorothy said it best: there’s no place like home. In the world of interior design, nothing rings more true. Our homes are an extension of ourselves – a safe haven where we retreat after a long day. What better place to soak in the harmony you designed for yourself than your pool?

With nearly 11 million pools in the United States alone, it seems unlikely that each is unique, unless you appreciate the art of tile mosaic.

Whether you’re hunting for a cost-effective way to achieve a more personalized look or hoping to give your space an Instagram-worthy facelift, mosaic tile allows you to transform your pool into your own oasis.


If you dream in Elle Decor features, and more is more in your world of design, you’re in luck; Artaic slays the custom game! How custom is custom? Take a look at this Cayman Islands pool we produced using photos taken by underwater photographer Jim Hellemn of the coral reef that sits adjacent to this vacation home. Yes, we’re THAT custom.

If your tastes lean towards a more storied, heritage vibe, everyone loves a monogram! The fact of the matter is that Artaic can easily transform any inspiration into a custom mosaic design whether it originates from a fabric swatch, magazine cut-out, photograph, original painting, hand-drawn sketch, or simply a feeling you want to convey.


If the idea of creating something out of thin air is overwhelming – fear not! We have carefully curated award-winning design collections that offer ample inspiration. Torn between the creativity of a custom design and the ease of a Collection Design? All of our Design Collection mosaics can be customized to suit your aesthetic. With 180 colors in our Vitreous Glass palette alone (including a drool worthy collection of opalescent, and metallic tiles) it’s safe to say collection designs are custom too!

Looking for a personal recommendation? As a self-proclaimed fabric-fanatic, one of my favorites is our Lasting Rugs Collection which celebrates the woven art form through traditional, contemporary, and eclectic mosaic designs. And yes – we have a cheetah print mosaic for all you fellow animal print lovers out there.

This custom mosaic rug motif, inspired by ‘Manor‘ from our ‘Lasting Rugs’ collection, comes to life in our Vitreous Glass Los Gatos pool installation

Field Tile

Is simplicity more your speed? Consider solids, blends, or gradient mosaic designs to outfit your space – fully customizable, of course. Bonus points – these designs will leave your wallet feeling heavy so you can splurge on that new grill you’ve been eyeing! Wanting to spice it up a smidge? Play around with geometry! Our Quad collection allows you to mix and match tile sizes and colors in geometric patterns or blends – that ain’t no simple field tile in my book!

A simple blend that absolutely understood the assignment? The below blend of opalescent Vitreous glass brings me back to my island fantasy. Go ahead: toss back that Ouzo and capture the essence of Santorini with saturated cobalts and Aegean teals.

Pictured above: a custom gradient and blend of Artaic’s ¾” Vitreous Glass at a residence in Naples, FL

So defy ordinary and live beautifully – whether your visions lie in designs of minimalism and neutrals, or your heart desires a custom portrait of the family pup, with custom mosaic tile there will really be no place like your home!

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