Decorative Pool/Spa Floors, 3D Resin designs by CEILTRIM

Trending This Fall in Backyard Design

From texture-rich designs to the latest technology features, these outdoor living items are trending now—and offer the ultimate in comfort, safety, and convenience.

1. Decorative Pool/Spa Floors, 3D Resin designs by CEILTRIM,

With CEILTRIM 3D Resin Photo Pool/Spa Bottoms (pictured above) you can put any high resolution image on to the bottom of your pool or spa. Think colorful coral, dolphins, mermaids, sunken treasure, ship wrecks, sharks, logos, drawings…anything! The photo is embedded into their specially formulated hydrophobic resin via a monolithic installation process.

2. Pool Control and Monitoring Systems, IntelliConnect by Pentair,

The IntelliConnect® Control and Monitoring system allows pool owners to monitor and control pool equipment from the user-friendly Pentair Home app, from your backyard oasis, or anywhere in the world. This interface was designed to put you in control of your pool’s systems in the easiest, most streamlined way by eliminating unnecessary trips to the pad and providing important equipment status and alerts all in one place. The IntelliConnect is here to make pool management a breeze.

3. Porcelain Pavers, Hanover Architectural Products,

Hanover’s Porcelain Pavers are the right solution for any type of outdoor flooring. They are hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics. Quick and easy to install, porcelain pavers are resistant to acid, chemicals, mold, and salt. Since porcelain pavers are nonporous, they will not stain and do not require sealing – they are virtually maintenance free and extremely durable with colors that do not fade over time. Hanover stocks a range of colors and sizes for immediate delivery. With five distinct collections, there is sure to be a color to suit your project’s unique design requirements. Whether your next project is a pool deck or a green roof, Hanover can provide the perfect porcelain paver choice.

4. Suction Pool Cleaners, MX8 Elite Suction Cleaner by Zodiac,

The Zodiac® MX8 Elite suction-side pool cleaner from Fluidra was the first suction cleaner to introduce Cyclonic Scrubbing Brushes that continually spin, scrub pool surfaces to remove stuck-on debris. Combined with aggressive wall climbing that enables the MX8 Elite to scrub the tile line this innovative cleaner eliminates the usual “elbow grease” that comes with cleaning a pool. Featuring maX-Drive Navigation, the MX8 Elite provides excellent pool coverage with nimble programmed maneuverability for thorough cleaning of your pool.

5. Folding Glass Walls, NanaWall,

NW Aluminum 640 is thinnest aluminum framed opening glass wall within the 4th generation of NanaWall bi-fold doors. With a frame profile styled in an angular design, the intersection of two folding panels is a mere 3 7/8”. This opening glass wall offers an streamlined appearance with minimal exposed hardware. Capable of heights up to 9′ 6″, it is available in inswing or outswing configurations for maximum design flexibility. NanaWall Generation 4 sill designs offer barefoot-friendly transitions between the inside and outdoor environments while the highly energy efficient panels provide exceptional protection from outside elements and deliver comfort and security when closed. 

Photographs courtesy of the manufacturers, by Timothy J. Dennis (Hanover Architectural Products),
by Yuzhu Zheng (NanaWall)

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