From sleek heaters for chilly nights to high-performance grills for fall barbeques, these finds help make your outdoor living space inviting and usable in any season.

1. WD-Series Electric Heaters
Infratech |


2. Moreton Cross
Log Store |
Garden Trading |


3. Waikiki Outdoor Rug
Lujo |


Photograph by Danielle Stingu, courtesy of Diamond Spas, Inc.

4. Custom Copper Spa
Diamond Spas |


5. Rumford Outdoor Fireplace
Superior Clay |


6. Hybrid Fire Grill
Kalamazoo |

Photographs by Danielle Stingu (Diamond Spas), by Stefanie Trower (Garden Trading), by David Harrison (Infratech), by Wayne Tait (Lujo), other photographs courtesy of the manufacturers

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