11 Inspiring Indoor Pool Designs

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pool Designs

An indoor swimming pool offers the luxury of year-round enjoyment as well as privacy. It also presents an exciting opportunity to create a unique interior space for play, exercise, entertainment—or all three. Take a look at the exquisite indoor pool designs in the pictures below.

Photo courtesy of B&B Pool and Spa Center

This magnificent Roman-style indoor pool features laminar jets, blue glass mosaic interior with gold inlays, LED color-changing lighting, a marble deck, and a rim-flow edge. Four marble pillars support a glass pyramid above the pool that serves as a dramatic skylight.

Photographed by Mary Vail, OSG for Paragon Pools

This indoor spa is a little bit of heaven. Designed specifically for all-year water exercise, the enclosure features large pocket doors that open to allow in fresh air and sunlight when desired.

Photo courtesy of Falcon Pools, Ltd.

Sleek and quite urbane, this classic L-shaped perimeter-overflow indoor pool is finished in black glass tile that is also found on the columns. Ideal for laps, the pool also has out-of-the-way space for children to splash and play.

Photos courtesy of Master Pools by Dominion Gunite (Calgary) Ltd.These two views of an indoor lap pool and attached spa illustrate how the utilitarian and artistic can blend to create a harmonious setting. The blue granite overflow grating is just one of the ways this goal was accomplished—the dark tile mural is another.

Photographed by Ed VanLuvender for Ramapo Valley Pool Service, Inc.An indoor pool design should incorporate the overall style and architecture of the home—especially when it’s located right in the middle of the living room! The pool’s classic symmetry and elegant Greek key mosaic tile perfectly complement the formal beauty of the home’s French Manor-style interiors.

Photo courtesy of Swimming Pools by Jack Anthony
Finished in custom hand-painted glass tile, this exotic indoor swimming pool is romance personified. The pool also features an in-pool bench, elevated spa, and a dazzling mosaic that is the setting’s elegant focal point.
Photographed by Outvision Photography for Platinum Poolcare, Ltd.Feel like going outside without actually going outside? The solution is quite simple: by painting a dreamy skyscape on the ceiling to oversee the crystal clear pool and installing rows of tall windows, the homeowner provides swimmers with the best of all worlds.

Photographed by Robert Atwater for Swimming Pools by Jack AnthonySeen from above, this indoor pool has an Old World charm that is amplified by the imported travertine coping and deck. Outdoor landscaping and lighting put the finishing touches this indoor environment.

Photographed by Douglas Gornall for Ramapo Valley Pool Service, Inc.Situated in the rear of the home, this indoor lap pool features a beautifully detailed stone diving platform for the 12-foot-deep pool, Caymen Lagoon Hydrazzo finish, and a multicolored stamped concrete deck. Water trickles off the platform and into the pool, creating a soothing musical interlude.

Photographed by Ruth Aveta for Creative Master Pools, Inc., Lincoln Park, N.J.

This elegant indoor pool design is the culmination of coordination between the Master Pools Builder, the home builder, and the architect from the initial planning stages to completion. Thick dolomite limestone surrounds the pool and spa, making this indoor pool and room awe-inspiring.

Photo courtesy of Falcon Pools, Ltd.

This classical beauty is a study in white—with a sparkle of color coming from the pool’s and spa’s glass tile interiors. A separate, private lounge area gives guests a place to call their own while still being able to enjoy the rest of the space, including the magnificent skylight, wall of windows, and the gorgeous woodwork found throughout the space.

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