Creating The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

For those of us lucky enough to have our own garden or patio, it can be quite exhausting keeping up with all the maintenance.  Your outdoor space is an area that is on show, so it’s vital that you have an area that you can enjoy and are proud of.

A really low maintenance idea is to scrap the conventional lawn and bedding, and opt for a modern looking patio with potted plants or high rise beds.  Instead of owning a huge lawn, you could opt to have a pool installed instead. While a pool is going to need to be kept clean and could be seen as a lot of effort, it has the added bonus of being kept covered while not in use. A lawn will require frequent mowing throughout the growing season, regular treatments for moss or weeds, and lots of patch up jobs when your children or pets run around.

If you don’t like the idea of ditching a lawn altogether, you could look at installing an artificial lawn. This will require nothing more than a hose and a scrub once it has been laid, and will look the perfect height and color for years to come.

Patio gardens can look both cozy and quaint, or can be taken to the next level to look chic and modern. You can still add depth and variety by using planting and decking on multiple levels. You will also need to keep the pathing stones clean, but this can be done with a jet wash. If you have a lot of trees, then you could employ a professional tree trimming company to regularly keep any plants that drop off your patio. This will be especially useful through fall.

Building decked bedding will give you a higher and easier solution, especially if you are planning on staying in the home for the rest of your life.  You can work standing up instead of crouching down or spending hours on your knees. The best plants for a super modern look are big leafy greens such as a banana tree or elegant ferns. You could even opt for a stone topping on your beds and go for an oriental theme.

Stripping back your outdoor space is the best way to move forward if you have a busy life.  You can add drama and color by using LED lighting to highlight your favorite areas.  You could even use colored lighting to mimic the look of plants and flowers.  Adding sculptures or art will give your outdoor space a really dramatic and cool look.  Water features, such as a pond with a waterfall, can create a really relaxing feel. Or, consider having a cascading LED lit waterfall wall, fed by your pool.

Strip things back and think about what you want your garden to say to the world. Then, build a plan to get you further towards the dream garden.

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