Flowing Fountains, Stunning Statues and Other Ornamental Advice

While people spend a long time thinking about their garden furniture or the types of plants they will have growing, an often very simple way of enhancing your outdoor space is to add garden ornaments and water features. Each one of these items adds something unique and special to every garden. While the traditional garden gnome is all well and good, he is a very common choice and won’t make your garden stand out from the crowd. Here’s a few ideas for adding a touch of something different to your outdoor space.

Water Features

The beauty of water features is that they add sound and movement to an outdoor space. There’s nothing like the sound of running water in the background for creating a relaxing environment in your garden, while the sunlight shines through creating a visual feast. Timeless classics like dolphins, lions or gargoyles add a traditional feel to your garden. If you want your water feature to be nature-friendly too, you can select a birdbath that also doubles as fountain. At the other end of the spectrum, rock cascades and coloured fountains give off a more up-to-the-minute vibe. Obviously, when positioning them, you will need to find an area with easy access to a water supply. In addition to luxurypools.com, Backyardville offers a range of different advice pieces for creating your dream outdoor space.

Japanese Garden

Elegant and unassuming, the Japanese have been creating stunning outdoor spaces for years and it’s easy to see why. One of the classic Oriental ornaments that you can introduce into your back garden is the pagoda, which comes in a number of styles and a number of tiers. Another good choice is a statue of a traditional Japanese emperor or deity that will add a touch of Eastern mystery to your outdoor space. A nice idea is to group a number of these items together in one corner of your garden, while also adding in some water features that are always common in a traditional Japanese garden.


Even if you don’t get many different types of wildlife into your garden on a regular basis, make your garden a haven of nature by bringing in some ornaments of different animals. A nice idea is to have several different statues concealed around the garden by different plant life. This gives guests a pleasant surprise when they are casting their eyes around the garden, and also has a more natural effect overall. Also, if you have ponds or water features, it looks great to put statues of marine life around the outside.
Classical Statues

A nice elegant feeling can be created by having some classic Greek or Roman statues positioned around the garden. Whether they are replicas of iconic pieces of art like the Venus De Milo, or recreations of gods or emperors, they have the effect of transporting you back in time to another era to this Golden Age where marble statues would have been found everywhere.

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