Pool Slides: Custom Waterslide Options & Designs

Commonly one of two styles—closed slide or open flume—waterslides can be custom built from natural stone or fiberglass.

If humdrum is not an option and chills and thrills are in order, custom waterslides can be the answer to the call for the ultimate thrill ride. In fact, they are the ideal way to keep kids and their friends entertained for hours.

Commonly one of two styles—closed slide or open flume—waterslides can be custom-crafted from natural stone or made from commercial-grade fiberglass, which come in a variety of colors to coordinate with a pool’s surface, tile, and nearby rock. “We feel that a fiberglass waterslide should combine the fun of a slide with the elegance of a piece of art,” says Roxanne McClain, co-owner, Dolphin Waterslides, Inc. “The waterslide should have a one-of-a-kind look that the homeowner will be proud of for years to come.”

Waterslides can be used alone or as a part of a multi-faceted water park design. When coordinated with the surrounding landscaping or as an integral part of a cave or grotto, a waterslide can be an exciting part of a backyard oasis. And, when a variety of twists and turns, curves, steep inclines, and straightaways for speed are included, the waterslide can be the superstar that turns any home’s outdoor space into the definitive playground for young and old!

Photo courtesy of Dolphin Waterslides, Inc./Claffey Pools.
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