The Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Get a Pool

The news that you are getting a pool on your property is usually met with glee and happiness from your family. They can’t wait until it’s built, so they can rush out there on a hot day and splash around to cool off. But let’s hold on a minute! Before you reach that stage there are a few things that need to be sorted first. Make sure that you get them right first time by reading our guide below on the most common mistakes people make when getting a pool, and how to avoid them.


They assume a pool is out of their price range

Cost is always an issue when you are renovating your home and backyard. Your money is hard earned, and you don’t want to be wasting it unnecessarily. Pools are often thought to be an expensive luxury, but in fact, that isn’t always the case. Getting a pool can be a lot less costly than you think. But so many people make the mistake of thinking that they are out of their price range.  So they discount the idea of having one, even before they have really crunched the numbers.

When budgeting for a pool, it’s best to assess the cost of building the type of pool you are looking at. Then combine this with the cost of preparing the land before the pool is installed, and the maintenance costs that you will incur each year for running it. If you are keen to save money there are some modern developments in pool and spas like the swim pond you can consider. These reduce the cost of cleaning and filtering the pools, as the pants do that job for you.


They don’t think about the type of pool that will be suitable for them

So once you have to look at the general figures for having a pool you need to decide what type would be best for you and your family. Many people go for things like concrete pools and spas in traditional oblong shapes because they are easy to have installed and cost effective to run.

Other prefer something in a custom shape. Or that is landscaped to fit in with their surroundings better. These are a great option, but remember that any customisation will raise your budget.

Of course, there are people that want their pool solely for exercise. So a good selection for them may be a lap pool. This sort of pool is just big enough to be able to swim up and down to enhance your workout, and it is particularly good if you only have a limited space to work with.


They forget about pool covers
Another big mistake that people make when they get a pool is to forget to factor in the cost of a pool cover. A pool cover is an essential safety feature as it can stop animals or children falling into the pool and getting trapped. It is also good for your pocket as it will keep the warmth in and save you on your water heating bills.

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