Color, Balance, and Continuity When Custom-Crafting Glass Tile for Pools

Choosing the right color of glass tile is as important as selecting the size and shape of your pool and spa

When it comes to color, glass tile poses few restrictions and a world of possibilities. From deep jewel tones to earthy neutrals and soft pastels, it’s important to find the right hue. For example, the electric intensity of translucent cobalt is a strong pop next to contemporary architecture. On the other hand, rustic design calls for color complexity that relates with natural materials. Saturated blue with golden iridescence will harmonize with features like rusted steel beams, textured limestone decking, and natural wood.

The allure of submerged glass tile is intensified through metallic and iridescent finishes.  Water’s light-play magnifies through a wide spectrum of reflective finishes. These reflections create unexpected palette shifts, adding layers of movement to the design. The entire look and feel of a pool will drastically change from sunup to sundown. When shadowed, the glass base color is the shining star, but when lighting changes, spectacular iridescence proudly grabs center stage. Cleverly placed landscape and pool lighting make a huge impact on how iridescent tile appears from various vantage points.

Balance and continuity are fundamental to the luxury experience and even the simplest design requires imaginative inspiration to achieve the right result. I think of the pool as an extension of surrounding architecture and pull design inspiration from local geography, fauna, flora, and skyline. Within this framework lies a host of creative directions ranging from color and finish interplay to modular patterning and mural design.

Progressive designs introduce the element of water. For example, translucent and reflective properties of glass can be used to suggest a lake’s mirrored reflection, or the deep contours of an organically shaped pool can be honed to mimic the smooth curvature of ocean waves.

Photo courtesy of Alpentile, LLC; photography by; designed by Amy Denny; pool designed and built by Rick Chafey and Brett Blauvelt, Red Rock Pools and Spas, Gilbert, Ariz.; tile by Oceanside Glasstile

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