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Reflecting A Divine Design

You can thank the 2010 hit series “MTV Cribs” for inspiring Richard Babcock to become a master at the extraordinary artificial rock art he has been providing his customers for more than two decades as owner of Babcock Custom Pools and Environments.

Babcock can recall the episode of “Cribs,” the original celebrity home tour show, which grabbed his imagination. “It featured [pop-punk group] blink 182 drummer Travis Barker’s backyard. I remember seeing his rock pool, and I was blown away by how cool it looked.”

001_To thee Island_

What intrigued him, said Babcock, “was the art of it. I was drawn to crafting environments that reflect the divine artistry found in creation. God gives us all some amount of creativity. I wanted to help customers be surrounded by His beauty.”

The younger Babcock began to study and practice. Two decades later, his company became known in Southern California and Arizona for its beautiful terraces, walls, and waterfalls, which look as if they were hand-designed by the Creator Himself.

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The installations are created by a timeintensive process that requires an artist’s eye, an engineer’s precision, an ironworker’s strength, and a craftsman’s patience.

“I love the art of making cement look natural through carving and coloring, through the angles and placement— and incorporating it with the existing environment so that no one could spot the difference,” Babcock said.

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Jeremy Maguire’s Backyard Pool

Imagine jumping off a 6-foot waterfall, part of a massive grotto that joins a 48-foot pool with a circular Jacuzzi anchoring the center. The owners, a big family that includes child actor Jeremy Maguire (“Modern Family”), have hosted many large gatherings, including baptisms, in this lovely backyard, with Babcock’s artificial rock wall as a backdrop.

Palms and Polynesian Design in Beverly Hills

The client for this project opted for a Polynesian design for its backyard. There were two main challenges: access—the only way onto the property was through a three foot-wide opening—and the three tall palm trees that marched through the grounds. Undeterred, Richard Babcock not only crafted a stunning pool around two of the palms, he lined it with an elegant artificial rock wall, complete with a short waterfall.

002_Colorado River living_

Riverfront Boat Launch / Jetty

A Colorado River property needed a boat launch. Richard Babcock gave them that, plus a 90-foot by 25-foot custom sculpted artificial rock jetty overlooking the sparkling water. The steps from the veranda to the shore follow a cascading creek-like waterfall.

All the water that trickles over the artificial rocks soaks into the sand under the formation–and into an underground holding tank to be pumped back to the start of the waterfall. Overlooking the steps is the $20,000 60-year-old date palm, with the tiki image carved into the bark to conceal a woodpecker hole.

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“There are many great pool and outdoor environmental builders to choose from. I believe Babcock Custom Pools rises above many of them with its dedication to creativity and excellence,” said Babcock. “When customers hire us, their dreams will become rock-solid reality.”

9171 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 500
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
In business Since 2004
Designs and builds 10 pools per year
Service Area: Arizona and California

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