Tipton Spires Design | Build

Photographs by Jimi Smith

Tipton Spires Design | Build is a veteran-quality of construction and design work sets them apart from the rest. Strict quality initiatives are set in place to ensure that their clients enjoy their dream pool for decades. The design process is simple, “We design projects that are unique, timeless and most importantly designed to accent the architecture and terrain of the property. It’s important to stay true to the architecture,” says C.B. Stanley, designer at Tipton Spires Design | Build.

The company cares about their products and take pride in their work in every way, from design to construction, with the utmost consideration and attention to detail.

Photographs by Jimi Smith

A fully diverse design and build company, Tipton Spires stands apart from the average pool builder by offering a variety of additional services aside from swimming pools and hot tubs. Services such as design, structural attachments, cabanas and pool houses, watershapes and hardscapes, landscaping and lighting, make them truly a one-stop-shop for
their clients.

“Offering multiple services is more beneficial to the client because they can budget expenses more efficiently, and it allows more flexibility and convenience when it comes to scheduling because they are only dealing with one builder and not four,” says Marcus Tipton and Brian Spires, owners of Tipton Spires Design | Build.

Photographs by Jimi Smith

The company builds well above industry minimum standards, and only taking on 25-30 projects per year ensures constant client communication and quality control that is paramount to their customer satisfaction. Tipton Spires only use the industry leading materials and equipment that carry the industry best warranty and durability in their builds. They also keep energy conservation at the forefront by using certain equipment and ensures clients saving in monthly operating costs, benefiting both the environment and their clients!

“Seeing a project develop from initial contact with the potential client, to the field data harvesting phase, to the design phase and ultimately the final constructed product is very rewarding. Hearing the client say we delivered in every way shape and form is what we strive to hear,” says C.B. Stanley.

Photographs by Jimi Smith

The company is detail-oriented and stays up-to-date with the industry’s leading design elements and watershapes. Their client base appreciates how much thought and care goes into the design process and construction of the perfect outdoor living retreat to fit the needs of their family in both form and function. Tipton Spires enjoys creating and innovating and strives to design and build beautiful and lasting products.

Tipton Spires Design | Build
Members of Carecraft, Pool & Hot Tub
Alliance, and WaterShape University

1100 Nasa Pkwy, Ste 108
Houston, TX 77058


In Business for 22 years

Builds and Designs 25-30 Pools per Year

Service Area: Greater Houston, Galveston,
and surrounding Gulf Coast areas

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