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Elevating the Standards on California’s Central Coast

(Above) Photograph by Trimotion Media

Carecraft Pools is redefining the paradigms of pool design across California’s Central Coast. With a steadfast motto – “Elevating the Standards” – they not only craft aquatic marvels but also create an unbreakable trust with their clientele. The design/build journey with Carecraft Pools is meticulous, informed, and uniquely tailored.

Potential clients are first presented with comprehensive layouts and design possibilities, painting a vivid picture of their dream poolscape. Such thorough pre-planning helps to ensure a seamless transition from vision to tangible reality.

Integral to their approach is consistent transparency throughout the construction process. Clients are never left in the dark; they are apprised at every stage, from obtaining permits to the final touches. This proactive approach, as Carecraft Pools firmly believes, forestalls any reactive, last-minute adjustments.

“Our philosophy rests on the founda[1]tion of being proactive rather than reactive. We strive to provide our customers with the knowledge and information that they need when working through the construction and design process,” comments Josh Petersen, owner of Carecraft Pools.

Residence by Stalwork Construction, and Tom Meinhold

They are also very aware of how intimidating hiring a builder can be. Questions like, “How do I even begin? How does this process work? Can I trust someone with such an important investment?” are prevalent. However, Carecraft Pools’ meticulous planning, active listening, and passion for details during the design phase alleviate such concerns. They don’t just build pools; they foster relationships.

In addition, their synergy with respected home builders on the Central Coast amplifies the efficiency and grandeur of their projects. Such collaborations enable a simultaneous overhaul of both indoor and outdoor spaces. And though they curate only 10-15 such masterpieces annually, the four to six month-long journey of each project stands as a testament to their unwavering attention to detail.

Now, while the beauty of the Central Coast, with its enviable weather and vistas, plays muse, Carecraft Pools’ genuine distinction comes from its acute focus on aesthetics paired with functionality. Whether you envision a soothing spa corner, cascading waterfalls, or the mesmerizing infinity-edge design, their offerings are tailored to bring your prefect outdoor living space and poolscape to life. For those looking to plunge into a luxury outdoor living space, Carecraft Pools’ dedication and artistry make them the Central Coast’s premier choice.

710 Fiero Lane, Suite 21
San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401
In business since 2021
Designs and builds 10-15 projects per year
SERVICE AREA: San Luis Obispo county,

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