How Wallpaper Can Help You Connect Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

And how to customize the perfect wallpaper for your sunroom or connecting space.

In our fast-paced world, our outdoor living spaces are like tiny oases from life’s stressors. That morning coffee on the deck or evening cocktail on the patio sometimes makes the day, doesn’t it? And if you’re anything like us, you look to improve and upgrade your outdoor living space as much as possible. One of the most often overlooked ways to do that: by helping you connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sunny living areas that open to your outdoor space or sunrooms with tons of natural light deserve just as much care as your spaces that are completely outside. So, below, we’ve tapped wallpaper expert Eric Mortensen to chat about how wallpaper can help you connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. Prepare to optimize.

In 2021, Mortensen co-founded the wallpaper company Love vs. Design, an online retailer that specializes in peel-and-stick options that are low-effort, low-cost, and easy to remove. And that’s not even the best part — all of their designs are fully customizable, meaning customers can select from over 200 colors for each of hundreds of designs for a wallpaper look that completely suits their space. 

“Choosing a wallpaper that mirrors and enhances the surroundings can transform your sunroom into a seamless extension of your garden or landscape,” says Mortensen, “elevating the feeling of unity and flow between your indoor and outdoor areas.”

Read on for more tips on how to customize a wallpaper that’ll help you connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Stick with light, airy colors.

When designing a room that should meld nicely with the outdoor space beyond, consider light and airy shades like whites, creams, and nature-inspired neutrals, explains Mortensen. Not only will this help the space appear bigger and brighter (just like the outdoors!), but it’ll also blend rather than clash with the palette of the outdoor space beyond. 

But use pops of color strategically.

You don’t have to completely forgo fun hints of color, though. “Pastels like light blues, greens, and pinks can add a hint of color without overwhelming the space,” says Mortensen, “maintaining a light and cheerful feel.” We also love the use of the color green here!

And if you highlight any favorite colors in your outdoor space, like a certain shade of red or blue, consider incorporating that same shade into your adjoining indoor space with a pop of that same color in your wallpaper pattern. Love vs. Design’s color customization comes in super handy here. 

Choose botanical or nature-inspired patterns.

When it comes to wallpaper patterns, look towards nature. “Floral patterns, botanical prints, and nature-inspired designs can establish a link between the space and the outdoors, enhancing the sunroom’s connection to nature,” says Mortensen.

Nature-inspired wallpaper helps draw the eye from your walls to the actual nature beyond. While we love patterns with realistic looking plants, flowers, and animals, nature-inspired wallpaper doesn’t have to be so obvious — more vaguely-inspired botanical patterns work well here, too, adding an element of biophilic design that helps your brain make the association with nature in a more subtle way. 

Consider natural textures.

Colors and patterns aren’t the only elements to consider. “To bring a touch of beauty into your sunroom, consider using linen-textured wallpaper like our woven option,” says Mortensen. “This texture can blend well with the surrounding greenery outside.” Love vs. Design’s “woven” wallpaper is made of a premium polyester fabric with a luxurious textured feel that’s scratch- and stain-resistant and is completely opaque. It also provides damage-free removal, just like the company’s other two wallpaper options. 

Their “smooth” wallpaper, the most affordable option, is made of a durable vinyl with a semi-matte finish, while their “glissade” is a traditional paper that requires no paste and removes with only water.

If you’re having trouble deciding between wallpaper patterns, colors, or textures, Love vs. Design offers $6 samples of any wallpaper, so you can see how it’ll look in your space before taking the plunge. And the company even offers a “Love It Guarantee,” too, allowing customers to return their wallpaper for a full refund for any reason.

Get ready to spend less time designing your space, and more time actually relaxing in it. For more information, visit

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