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Creating Timeless Backyard Resorts

Crystal Pools LLC has perfected the art of transforming backyards into personal escapes. Recognizing that a successful outdoor sanctuary requires more than just aesthetics, their approach integrates meticulous planning and deep technical knowledge covering drainage, elevation, and adherence to structural and code requirements, ensuring durability and timeless appeal. Founded in 1972, Crystal Pools has developed a reputation for creating enduring aquatic environments.

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Photographs by Jimi Smith

The design process doesn’t stop at technical precision; it also involves a sophisticated understanding of color, texture, and material variety. This ensures that each project not only suits the homeowner’s personal style but also complements the architectural character of their home and enhances its natural surroundings. In collaboration with Ali Enterprises Inc., the team takes on both new projects and renovations, striving to create spaces that invite relaxation and socialization.

One notable project aimed to provide a homeowner with their ultimate dream pool, designed to emulate the feel of a private resort and serve as the centerpiece of their final residence. This endeavor focused particularly on optimizing views from the home towards a breathtaking “Big Water” landscape, guided by the strategic placement of the pool and the use of vanishing edges to draw the eye outward.

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Photographs by Jimi Smith

Effective water management is crucial in all their designs, as Crystal Pools expertly channels runoff to maintain the integrity and health of the landscape. Building on varied soil types and following strict engineering plans, the company commits to construction excellence, ensuring each project lasts a lifetime. At the core of the company is Ali Felschow, the current owner and founder of Ali Enterprises Inc., who brings a second-generation pool builder’s expertise and an artist’s flair to the table.

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Each pool is a unique creation, reflecting its owner’s tastes and desires. Ali emphasizes, “Crystal Pools is more than a business; it’s a family. We extend this familial spirit to our clients, dedicating ourselves to continuous learning and expertise enhancement in all aspects of our work.” The commitment of Crystal Pools doesn’t end with the completion of a pool.

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Photographs by Jimi Smith

They offer ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that the joy and quality of the pool endure for generations. Ali takes pride in the relationships built through their work, cherishing the moments when clients, new and old, share their satisfaction and the memories made around their Crystal Pools creations.






1101 Sparkleberry Ln Ext, Suite A

Columbia, SC, 29223


In Business Since 1972

Designs and Builds 10-15 Pools per Year

Service Area: South Carolina

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