Elite Landscaping

Shaping Dreams into Outdoor Living Retreats

Elite Landscaping prides itself on transforming visions into breathtaking outdoor environments. Specializing in custom design and meticulous installation, the company crafts concrete pools, spas, hardscapes, patios, walkways, and integrates water and fire features along with sophisticated outdoor lighting. With a commitment to adding extraordinary beauty and value, Elite Landscaping ensures every outdoor space is a testament to high-quality materials, aesthetic finesse, and a personal touch.

The company’s philosophy, “Personal designs, professional installation,” reflects its comprehensive approach. Handling everything from intricate detailing to large-scale construction, Elite Landscaping oversees every aspect of a project. This includes acquiring permits, scheduling, and coordinating with contractors, allowing homeowners to enjoy a stress-free transformation of their spaces.

Photographs courtesy of Elite Luxury Pools & Landscaping

Jason Decker, the founder of Elite Landscaping, shares his journey, “I launched Elite Landscaping in my senior year of high school back in 2000. Growing up, I was always drawn to the outdoors and had a passion for swimming. My love for art also played a significant role, as I enjoyed drawing, painting, and designing from a young age. Combining these interests, landscaping became the perfect career choice for me.”

Under Jason’s leadership, the team at Elite Landscaping delivers complete solutions, from conceptual designs to full builds using in-house staff. The team is equipped to handle CAD prints for build documents and 3D presentations, which help clients visualize the end result. The site supervisor coordinates all necessary subcontractors, such as electricians and plumbers, ensuring that all aspects of the build process are seamlessly integrated.

Photographs courtesy of Elite Luxury Pools & Landscaping

“Our company has built some of the most complex and beautiful projects in the United States, right here from our base in Nebraska,” Jason proudly states. “With a team that includes multiple members who have been with us for over 18 years, we’re now looking to expand our talents into new markets and set new standards of excellence in design-build firms.”

From swimming pool design and installation to comprehensive landscaping, Elite Landscaping meticulously manages every detail of unique projects, ensuring they not only meet but exceed client expectations. “When I was young, I hung a picture on my wall of two work trucks with a quote: ‘To achieve your dreams, you must believe in them.’ Since then, I’ve lived by that motto, constantly striving to achieve my dream with Elite Landscaping. I take pride in my crews, who are dedicated professionals, and in turn, they take pride in their work and our company,” reflects Jason.

Photographs courtesy of Elite Luxury Pools & Landscaping

Elite Landscaping continues to create outdoor environments that not only fulfill dreams but also provide lasting value and enjoyment, ensuring each project is a unique, low-maintenance oasis tailored to the client’s desires.

17802 Storage Rd “Unit B”, Omaha, NE, 68136
Facebook: Elite Landscaping LLC
Instagram: @elitelandscapingomaha
In Business Since 2000
Designs/Builds: 10-12 Pools per Year
Service Area: Nebraska

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