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Water is the essential element of a great backyard. Whether a homeowner chooses a swimming pool for family fun and fitness, a spa for relaxation, or simply wants to bring unparalled beauty to his outdoor space, water is a medium of endless potential.

With so many options available, homeowners need true professionals to create backyard environments that will provide years of carefree recreation and pleasure. Fortunately, GENESIS®, the leading educator in the field of residential watershapes, brings expertise to its growing network of student builders, contractors, and landscape architects on whom homeowners can depend for quality construction and design.

Genesis University™ educates, certifies, and connects watershape professionals through coursework, projects, examination, and continuing education. GENESIS®’ expansive curriculum is developed using strict guidelines maintained by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). GENESIS® recently merged with the National Swimming Pool Foundation®, which every year trains 35,000 individuals globally through their Certified Pool Operator® (CPO®) certification. The combined organization is at the forefront of the industry as the leading educator in both public pools and residential construction.

The Society of Watershape Designers® certification is the only accredited educational program specifically developed for those individuals in the swimming pool, watershapes, or water architectural fields seeking excellence. Society of Watershape Designers® throughout the world are credited with the design and construction of the most conceptually creative, technically advanced, and structurally sound watershape structures in existence. These impressive structures collectively push the boundaries of creative expression using water as their media.

Those who achieve Society of Watershape Designers® Registered and Master status have completed 150 hours or more of GENESIS® education. SWD Registered and SWD Master builders have acquired skills and knowledge encompassing color theory, the principles of design, multi-dimensional visual communication, the vocabulary of architectural design and history, and the principles of proper pool and watershape construction.

Within the Society of Watershape Designers® is an elite group of 17 individuals who have achieved GENESIS®’ highest level of professionalism: SWD Master status. SWD Master builders have proven their ability to create water environments that are not only reliably engineered and constructed, but expertly and beautifully designed, all to provide years of wonderful experiences for the homeowner seeking only the best.

Paolo Benedetti
Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa,
Morgan Hill, CA

Brian Van Bower
Aquatic Consultants, Inc.,
Miami, FL

Gene Brown
Valley Pool & Spa,
Kelowna, B.C., Canada

Rick Chafey
Red Rock Pools & Spas,
Gilbert, AZ

Steve Dallons
Pacific Pools, Inc.,
Alamo, CA

William Drakeley
Drakeley Pool Company,
Bethlehem, CT

Andy Kaner
Aquatic Consultants, Inc.,
Miami, FL

Michael Nantz
Elite Concepts, Inc.,
Dallas, TX

David Penton
Fluid Dynamics Pool And Spa,
Fullerton, CA

David Peterson, P.E.
Watershape Consulting, Inc.,
San Diego, CA

Skip Phillips
Questar Pools & Spas, Inc.,
Escondido, CA

Joan Roca
Imerzion Corp.,

Kevin Ruddy
Omega Pool Structures, Inc.,
Toms River, NJ

James Scott
Group Works Llc,
Wilton, CT

Grant Smith
Aqua-Link Pools & Spas,
Carlsbad, CA

Roger Soares, Ii
Hydroscapes, Llc,
Scottsdale, AZ

Steve Swanson
The Pool Company,
Clayton, CA

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2327 Lionheart Drive
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130
United States

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