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adelli Design | Build is a veteran owned and operated construction firm that specializes in creating modern outdoor environments through a more holistic approach. 

Because we are all human, it is natural to seek solidarity and peace within these boundaries of what we call ‘home,’ yet the word home is an emblem in this sense. People typically use the word ‘home’ to generalize the conditioned space that surrounds them. However, the desire to experience natural elements and to incorporate everyday living with the outdoors and throughout the home is metonymy in architecture itself. 

Within the home, there is a room for sleeping, there’s a gathering area to socialize, and a kitchen for eating. These spaces are only a fragment of other spaces, to which boundaries were created to represent parts of a whole, called ‘home.’ The backyard isn’t just another space and a boundary, it’s an extended portion of the home that truly allows one to experience the energy and the magic of natural elements. 

At Radelli, their mission is to create a new lifestyle for their clients. They do this by creating an environment that appeases the audience that occupies its space, the clients, and their home. To them, it’s an art. They have a hand selected team that is held to extremely high standards to ensure they produce the highest of quality. 

Radelli custom designs and builds every feature in their projects, and, in some cases, remodels the existing house to accommodate. Their team has experience installing features such as sunken seating areas, rain curtains, fire features, water features, shade trellis, bocce courts, balconies, outdoor kitchens, and more. 

Design is subjective and humans define functionality and beauty in different ways. An esthetic pool that never has a swimmer is still a pool that is used every day. Its ‘use’ is through the eyes of the audience that surrounds it. By understanding their clients and looking at their needs from a different perspective, Radelli is able to design and build new lifestyles, strengthen relationships, and redefine how their clients enjoy convenience.

Photographs by Jimi Smith

Radelli Design | Build
Members of Carecraft,
Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, and
WaterShape University

147 Lloyds Road, Ste 110
Oak Point, TX 75068

In Business Since 2020
Builds and Designs 12 Pools per Year
Service Area: Texas

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