Luxury Pool Deck Experience in Dallas, Texas

The house spa

Pure Design, the visionary behind the pool and spa’s design and construction, shares the inspiration for The House’s outdoor spaces.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas, The House stands as a testament to contemporary design. Conceived by Philippe Starck and Yoo, this 28-story building not only showcases breathtaking views of the Arts District, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and the Trinity River Corridor, but also boasts an iconic pool terrace on its 5th floor.

Nick Hauk, owner of Pure Design, the visionary behind the pool and spa’s design and construction, observes, “Inspired by the building’s architecture, I crafted a spa that harmoniously blends with its surroundings.” At the heart of the 5th floor, the 130-foot saline infinity pool beckons, providing an oasis amidst the urban setting.

Photographs by Briana Wollman

Adjacently, a separate spa flaunts a sleek, handmade stainlesssteel vessel by Bradford Products. Hauk recalls the nuances of designing the spa: “Faced with challenges like limited rooftop access and the need to camouflage mechanical equipment, I integrated a raised Ipe wood deck. Not only did this innovative design conceal the machinery, but it also unveiled unparalleled nighttime views of the Dallas skyline from a unique wooden platform behind the spa.” 

Hauk adds, “I also wanted the spa to have a visual invitation from the residence’s balconies, so I collaborated with Elemental Acrylic on the fabrication and installation of the acrylic panel. We used a simple tile interior to clad the inside of the spa vessel and blend with the rest of the aquatics at this property.” Yet, the allure of this pool deck extends beyond the mesmerizing waters. “The pool embodies a fusion of classic and formal designs, subtly accented with modern elements that mirror the building’s interior,” says Hauk. Seating areas strike a balance between playfulness and formality. A marble table feature sets the stage for both vibrant pool parties and serene evening cocktails beneath the Dallas skyline.

The House Condos | Victory Park, Dallas, TX

Design/Build: Pure Design,

Acrylic Wall: Elemental Acrylic,

Spa Vessel: Bradford Products,

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