Revolutionize Your Pool Maintenance with Beatbot’s AquaSense Series: The Future of Smart Pool-Care Technology

Explore how the AquaSense Pro and AquaSense robots deliver unmatched efficiency and luxury, setting a new standard in pool cleaning innovation.

Beatbot’s revolutionary new AquaSense Series of pool-cleaning robots has redefined smart-pool care at the highest – and deepest — levels.

Introduction of Beatbot AquaSense Series

Beatbot AquaSense Pro and Beatbot AquaSense, the deep-diving, deep-cleaning cordless duo that are making waves, combine premium features with ground-breaking technology to deliver unmatched power and versatility.

The award-winning Beatbot AquaSense Pro, that latest in the series, is the only AI option in pool cleaning on the market. 

Unmatched Technological Innovation

Its pioneering features — Submarine Propulsion Design Technology that allows its 20 smart sensors to see and understand its environment, ultrasonic radars for efficient cleaning, reagent modules for maintaining water quality and streamlined high-end looks, including Japanese IMR coating – make it the perfect complement to the aesthetics of the luxury poolscape.

AquaSense Pro: A New Dimension in Pool Cleaning

Beatbot AquaSense Pro’s nine-motor system, an industry first, powers the world’s first 5-in-1 cleaning solution that clarifies the water while cleaning the water surface, the waterline, the walls and the floor. 

The path of the super-intelligent robot is powered by a quad-core processor, and the real dirty work is done by two-by-two independent roller brushes and an uber-powerful brushless main-pump motor that delivers up to 5,500 gallon-per-hour suction to make walls squeaky clean.

Beatbot AquaSense, the Pro’s standard sibling, is powered by a quad-core 1.8GHz processor that, like the Pro, cleans every crevice of the pool. 

Like the Pro, it has an award-winning cordless design and offers efficient and effortless cleaning control via a proprietary app, whose operating system allows users to get high-cleaning efficiency through optimal intelligent path optimization.

Efficient and Effortless: The User Experience with AquaSense

The cordless design leaves the cleaning totally up to the robot – there’s no need to intervene in the cleaning process by pulling the cord to direct the unit to specific areas. Recharging also is simple: The unit is docked in a charging station.

The introduction of Beatbot AquaSense Pro earlier this year caused quite a splash: More than 1,000 pre-orders for it and the standard AquaSense were placed by pool owners in the 30 days after its launch.

Beatbot, a pioneering technology brand dedicated to the global robotization of swimming pool environments, hold over 130 patents, has several offices around the country, more than 80 staffers dedicated to research and development and is well on its way to accomplishing its mission to lead the world in smart all-in-one pool-care robotics.

Affordability Meets Luxury: Pricing and Offers

With April 27th marking National Pool Opening Day, symbolizing the unofficial start of the swimming season, Beatbot recently rolls out a special offer to celebrate and welcome the start of Pool Opening season with $330 off on AquaSense Pro and $200 off AquaSense.

Beatbot’s AquaSense Series is sold through its official website, and its Amazon store.

For discerning pool owners who prize innovation and luxury, Beatbot’s AquaSense Series is the smart way to upgrade the pool maintenance routine.

Content made in partnership with Beatbot.

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