How to Choose Outdoor Sculpture Art for Your Pool Area

Félicien, sculpture by Stéphanie Van Beneden.

Expert tips on livening up your outdoor space with original artwork.

You likely spend a lot of time, especially during the warm months, in your outdoor space. After all, that’s why it’s there — to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own home, and provide a welcoming space to spend time with family and friends. Chances are, you’ve invested time, money, and creativity into curating your outdoor living area for a space that’s both functional and beautiful. But have you invested in any outdoor sculpture art? 

Outdoor sculptures help you elevate your space, give it an oasis-like feel, and make it truly personalized. “The pool area is a relaxing and inspiring zone, and this is why sculpture art is perfect for this part of the garden,” says Italian-based sculptor Andrea Serra. Below, you’ll find some tips for choosing outdoor sculptures for your garden or pool area, featuring the artists at Singulart.

Singulart is an online art and design gallery that makes browsing and buying fine art easier than it’s ever been. The Paris-based company works with thousands of emerging and established artists from all over the world, so buyers can browse tons of different kinds of contemporary artwork at every price point. With works under $1,000 and over $10,000, there’s something for everyone. 

Singulart sells paintings and other wall art, but they have a huge collection of sculpture art, too — you can even browse outdoor sculptures specifically. Read on for expert advice on how to choose sculptures for your pool area or outdoor space.

1. Define your style and what you like.

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. When browsing outdoor art, think less about what other people will think looks best, and think instead about how you feel when looking at a piece of art. “To choose the perfect piece for the outdoors, it’s important to feel the right vibrations while looking at the piece,” says Serra. It’s your space, and you’ll be the one looking at the sculpture day after day.

Think about how you want the piece to make you feel. Maybe you want a more playful piece to liven up your outdoor area, like this lion cub that looks like it’s lapping from your pool by artist Stéphanie Van Beneden. Or maybe you like a more striking piece like these classical-inspired wall sculptures by artist Eduard Locota

But Serra says that commonly, folks are looking for a calming, nature-inspired piece when choosing outdoor sculptures for the pool area. “With my sculptures, I always try to represent the beauty that lives around us,” says Serra. “Nature gives us soft shapes and quiet, and its beauty inspires me for my creations.” His elegant sculptures with soft lines and neutral colors pair well with any pool area or garden, giving it a serene, ethereal energy.

2. Consider placement.

Deliberate on the placement of an outdoor sculpture to make sure you’re maximizing your space and the art’s potential. The pool is often the focal point of your outdoor space, so instead of trying to pull attention from the pool, choose pieces that complement it instead. A well-placed sculpture might draw your eye down the length of the pool, or enhance the drama of a built-in water feature.

Think about the vegetation in your outdoor space, too. You don’t want your sculpture overshadowed by beautiful flowers or exotic plants, or potentially damaged by a falling tree branch. And when choosing placements, think not just about where it’ll best be seen while you’re outside, but also whether or not it’ll be seen from the inside. If your living room windows look out on the pool area, consider choosing a sculpture that can be placed somewhere visible from the inside.

3. Consider the material.

Note the material of your sculpture before committing to it, and how it might weather with time. Stone and cement pieces will hold up the best against the elements, but sometimes the weathering on bronze, copper, or iron pieces looks beautiful, helping to better meld the sculpture with your outdoor space.

Consider how close to the pool the sculpture will be, too — chlorine can degrade some materials faster than others. It’s best to get the artist’s opinion if the sculpture will be close enough to the pool to get splashed. Care matters here, too. Most outdoor sculptures, especially stone ones, benefit from occasional rinses with tap or filtered water to remove dirt, bird droppings, and other contaminants.

4. Think outside the box.

We love water features as sculptures — don’t be afraid to get artistic when choosing a water feature. Especially in smaller pool areas, fountains are often the most efficient way to incorporate a piece of beautiful artwork. This fountain by Marianne van der Bolt and this fountain by Hanna Kyselova are some of our favorites on Singulart.

Other garden elements can become more artistic with the right choices, too. We love putting sculptural topiaries in large, handmade vases to bring both art and greenery to the pool space. These bronze gates by artist Jan Moore are also a stunning way to bring more artistry into your outdoor space.

For more outdoor sculpture inspiration, check out Singulart. And when you’re ready to purchase, Singulart will ship your artwork directly to you, fully insured. The online art gallery has thousands of offerings to look at, so head to their sculpture collection to get the juices flowing and to connect with and support small, independent artists from around the world.

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