This retracting SPT Extremesystem won Stealth’s Installation of the Year award for its exceptional poolside aesthetics.

Invisible Tech, Visible Impact

Stealth Acoustics is revolutionizing home and outdoor entertainment.

From a small speaker-building hobby in the back of his father’s cabinet shop to pioneering invisible speaker technology and transforming outdoor entertainment, Paul Hagman’s journey through the evolution of Stealth Acoustics encapsulates innovation and adaptability. Today, as the founder of one of the largest low-voltage integration firms in the Pacific Northwest, Hagman reflects on his company’s milestones and offers a glimpse into the future of home and outdoor living technology.

The inception of Stealth Acoustics was almost accidental. Initially a retail speaker/hi-fi store named Dimension Sound, the business was the first Marantz dealer in Washington State. Hagman’s real breakthrough came when he was tasked with designing and installing a commercial sound system at a local indoor swimming pool.

Paul Hagman, Founder, Stealth Accoustics

“I was 20 years old, hanging large EV speaker clusters over an Olympic-sized pool,” Hagman recounts. This project set him on a path towards more commercial ventures, leading to significant contracts such as the CCTV system for the Interstate 90 tunnel project in Seattle and the PA system at the Seahawks’ stadium.

However, it was the shift towards invisible speaker technology that truly distinguished Stealth Acoustics in the audio market. Hagman’s innovation was spurred by a competitor’s product, which he believed he could improve.

“I saw the first mud-in speaker design at a trade show and thought, I can do this better,” Hagman explains. After intense prototyping and leveraging acoustic lever concepts to boost bass performance, Stealth Acoustics launched its revolutionary invisible speakers, which became a hit, especially among architects and interior designers.

More recently, Stealth Acoustics has ventured into outdoor entertainment with its Patio Theater line—giant, Jumbotron-style LED displays for luxury outdoor environments. These projects often involve elaborate installations, like a setup next to a Hollywood Hills home perched on a cliffside, where a crane was used to install a TV without obstructing the iconic LA downtown view. “Preserving the aesthetics without blocking views is a challenge, but it’s what sets our products apart,” Hagman states.

Regarding trends, Hagman notes a sustained interest in luxury outdoor living, with a growing emphasis on eco-friendly and multifunctional spaces that blur indoor and outdoor boundaries.

“We see no slowdown in the outdoor luxury living space market,” he says. “We’re focusing on enhancing LED TV systems and our award-winning outdoor speakers to cater to these evolving consumer preferences.”

Looking ahead, Stealth Acoustics is set to expand its range of outdoor audio solutions and explore innovative product integrations. “We’re not just upgrading our products; we’re rethinking how they integrate into outdoor spaces to enhance the overall experience,” Hagman concludes, highlighting his commitment to merging cutting-edge technology with aesthetic and functional design.

As Stealth Acoustics continues to innovate, Hagman’s journey from a hobbyist to a trendsetter in audiovisual technology demonstrates the power of vision and perseverance in the competitive tech landscape.

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