Room With a View

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors bring the outside in—while standing up to the toughest conditions

When it comes to luxury living, certain things cannot be compromised—you want to enjoy every sunrise and sunset, the sweeping panorama, and that expanse of horizon where your infinity pool meets the sky. To make this a reality, walls of glass and fold-back doors are now key elements of a contemporary home.

Innovative design has been a hallmark of Fleetwood Windows & Doors, based in Corona, California. “The biggest trend we’re seeing is the demand for the largest pieces of glass within an operable system that can disappear into a pocket when opened,” says Mark McCoy, chief operations officer of Fleetwood Windows & Doors.

Fleetwood’s window and door systems were used in this Malibu, California home designed by Burdge & Associates Architects. The result is a seamless flow from indoor and outdoor spaces.

Adds Douglas Burdge, principal architect of Burdge & Associates Architects, “All the homes we design in Malibu have pools, but this one takes advantage of the expansive views. We also added plenty of outdoor living spaces.”

Photo by Ciro Coelho

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