3 Most Wanted Outdoor Additions

Learn how pool houses, outdoor kitchens, and conservatories can enhance your backyard

Pool Houses and Outdoor Rooms

Love having family and friends over for a pool party—but hate walking back and forth to the main house to gather supplies, make snacks, wash dishes, and other party tasks? Pool houses and outdoor rooms are the answer. From the traditional cabana that is large enough to handle a guest changing from street clothes to play apparel to large houses that double as guest quarters, complete with bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, and bedrooms—plus running water, electricity, and climate control—pool houses are a must-have for homeowners who entertain often. Keep in mind, however, that the skills and knowledge of a professional architect and builder are imperative. Most municipalities demand that building codes be followed and that permits are filed before construction begins.

Photo courtesy of Armond Aquatech Pools, Bridgeport, Pa.; photography by Halkin Photography LLC

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years. These facilities can be as simple as a space for a barbecue or elaborate enough to support large professionally catered events. The selection of appliances, overall layout, and material selections are almost infinite in scope and “flavor.” If you are dreaming of a kitchen that totally mimics your indoor setup, contact a licensed architect and builder so that the proper permits are filed and the correct appliances are chosen.

Photo courtesy of Baker Pools, LLC, Jenks, OK


Since Victorian times, homeowners have turned to beautiful glass enclosures to add sophistication to their homes. Small or large, conservatories are usually attached to the main house, but some properties are substantial enough to handle stand-alone units that become secret get-aways, pool houses, pool or spa enclosures, or garden houses for those who enjoy cultivating rare blooms or growing greenery to provide splashes of color to be used throughout the home or property. No matter what size, shape, or style you choose, remember to research the company that will build the conservatory or use a licensed architect to custom-design one for your home.

Photo courtesy of Oak Leaf Conservatories

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