6 Stunning Outdoor Mosaics

Dramatic outdoor mosaics that are sure to inspire.

Popular with pool and outdoor living designers, handmade tile is often used to accent a variety of backyard projects, including luxury swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens and outdoor rooms. Some skilled artisans, however, take it to another level of creativity by using stone, ceramic, and glass tile to craft exquisite mosaics to enhance their designs. Here are six dramatic outdoor mosaics that are sure to inspire.

Reminiscent of the art found along the Amalfi Coast, this outdoor kitchen’s backsplash is made of a combination of glass, marble, and granite. The mosaic not only matches the home’s terra cotta hues, but it also gives the barbecue area an exciting dash of color.

Photos courtesy of Vita Nova Mosaic, Inc., Pacoima, California 




Adjacent to the pool and above the custom spa, this graceful facing swan mural measures 53.5 inches by 118 inches.

Comprised of hand-cut and polished Byzantine stone and gemstone, the mosaic is just one of the many artistic flourishes that touch every part of this magnificent estate.



A close-up of the mosaic shows the intricacy of the stone design, highlighting the colors used on the plants and the details of the swans’ feathers.

Photos courtesy of Agape Tile, LLC, Fort Myers, Florida, and SFC Enterprises, Union Beach, New Jersey 



Full of color and texture, this tropical-themed pool wall mural is 1 foot high by 12 feet in length and includes images of Floridian plants, hibiscus flowers, and parrots. Each hand-painted glazed ceramic porcelain tile is UV rated and is frost-proof.


Photo courtesy of Agape Tile, LLC, Fort Myers, Florida, and Southwest Tile & Design, Sarasota, Florida 



Made to withstand the heavy traffic of poolside living, this mosaic’s beauty carries over into the home’s luxury swimming pool, spa, and fountain feature. This creates a true work of art full of color and geometric lines.


Photo courtesy of Vita Nova Mosaic, Inc., Pacoima, California


This graceful mermaid mosaic was crafted using individual 10 mm (3/8 inch) uncut pieces of glass tile. She measures 12 feet in length. Notice the shadow: it’s also made of tile! Installed by Pool Works in Houston, Texas, using epoxy thinset and grout, the pool was swimmable in just a few days.

Photo courtesy of Agape Tile, LLC, Fort Myers, Florida 


Made of Oceanside® glass tile, the 40-foot custom mosaic on this sophisticated 696-square-foot lap pool is a stunning enhancement to this private backyard resort. Set in an aggregate plaster finish, the mosaic is perfectly complemented by fiber-optic lighting.

Photo courtesy of Cipriano Landscape Design, Ridgewood, New Jersey 

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