Building The Garden Of Your Dreams

The garden is a great place to relax on a sunny day.

However, did you know the true value of a garden? Well, it’s not just a place to relax. With the right care and a creative mind, the garden can become an extra room of sorts to your household. With the right renovations, it can even add an incredible amount of value to a home. It could be just as important in the sale of a property as a kitchen, or bathroom.

Selling or not selling, it doesn’t matter. We all deserve the perfect garden and here are some ways you can achieve that.

Every great garden starts with the lawn. A good lawn should ideally be green! It seems obvious but doesn’t ever discount the effect that the weather can have on a lawn. Drought can cause it to go brown, and the sun might turn into slightly yellow. If your grass is not a uniform green, then you might consider planting a new species of grass to start over again, and this will help protect it against the winds and rains of winter, so it doesn’t get soaked through and start clumping into a squelchy mess. Starting your lawn over from scratch will allow you ensure a level surface that is free from humps, dips, and bumps! It sounds like replanting a lawn might be the best step, in actual fact. A perfect and beautiful lawn is really hard work and takes a lot of time and spend to work out. It needs to be cared for all season round and of course trimmed and trimmed with a trimmer and lawnmower on a constant basis. Water your lawn on the odd occasion, but do it thoroughly. Make sure you get the water all over and deeply integrated into the lawn. We did mention brown grass earlier and sometimes it is better to let your grass heal itself rather than constantly replacing brown grass. It depends on the species of grass as some of them survive summers by turning brown to save their roots under the surface. If you notice your lawn turning brown often in the summer despite your best efforts, just let it be.

Decking platforms are a great idea for gardens, but decking and softer woods do have short lifespans. A deck is a great place for a garden party, but it may not hold up after five or more years. A paved platform is a permanent option and might very well require a lot less care than a wooden decking platform. A platform gives you a lot of serious expansion options and that seating area could turn into a BBQ stand or even an outdoor kitchen. This is why a paved platform is a better option as outdoor rooms and options like outdoor kitchens need a sense of longevity. They can’t be temporary options especially considering the cost.

Trees can be a great addition to the garden and even bring some beautiful species to your garden. However, some species of tree can grow weirdly, oddly and crooked and might be a detraction from your garden’s looks! Tree servicing can ensure that your trees look good all the time and can help remove those odd shrubs from your garden. Working with a Tree Service Company is recommended here as you need to leave tree care to professionals, climbing that high with power tools is dangerous! Trees can also add a lot of privacy to your property along with fences, bushes, and walls.

A water feature is a great idea and can become a real standout piece to a garden. They also have amazing uses as the sound of water running from a fountain will work to reduce background sound. If you live next to a busy road or train line, this can be a great help. What’s more, a fountain or a water feature can tap into the zen of people allowing them to be more peaceful. Water features are very useful and do more than just feed the birds.

An outdoor room like a shed or another kind of ‘outbuilding’ can add a lot of value to your home. Not only can you have more space, but you can appeal to potential homebuyers who want more space. Sheds and outbuildings can be used for a lot of things from an outdoor office, dens, a kitchen to a summer house. If your shed is windowed, insulated or wired with water and plumbing, then you’ll get plenty of use out of it, and it will become a more attractive proposition for plenty of people looking to buy your property.

Vegetables can add some real use to your garden if you use the right soil. Gardens are great for relaxing in, but they can also work for us and save us money. Checking what vegetables you can grow in each and every season is a great way to get a bit back from your garden and enhance your cooking. It’s almost the same as looking after plants and of course, requires a bit of dedication. Simply plant your chosen veg, keep the soil or compost moist with a light sprinkle of water occasionally and remove weeds. Of course, take care to protect your vegetable patch from slugs and other pests. It might not seem to be part of the perfectly attractive garden, but paying attention to a veg patch can make sure your garden gives a little back to you and of course, looks good thanks to your care and dedication.

We have already discussed a number of aspects of maintenance, but no matter the style, shape or size of your garden it is going to require some sort of dedication from you to truly be ‘perfect’ by any stretch of the imagination. Water your lawn, clip your plants, apply a pressure wash to paved areas and dirty decking. No matter your creativity or the greenness of your thumbs, a garden can fall apart very quickly without your care, attention and dedication to crafting the perfect garden area.

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