Tools and Equipment for Maintaining Your Garden

A craftsman is only ever as good as his tools, so the saying goes. Well, gardening changes nothing. If you use the right tools for the job you can guarantee a better end product. Using the right tools and products can make your garden shine, and it can also shave huge amounts of time off your time spent working and add to your time relaxing, after all, that’s what the garden is for.


Get A Good Set Of Gloves

A good set of gloves can protect against injury when potting a plant, usually people work fast, and the edges of trowels can be quite sharp, all it takes is a little slip and you’ve got a nasty cut or even a severed digit to deal with. Gloves can protect your fingers from this, especially if they’re padded. They also nullify the effects of itch inducing weeds, or thorns. Gloves stop bacteria from soil transferring to your hands too, keeping you safe from all kinds of bacterial infections.


Use The Right Treatment For You Fence

Once you’ve installed a quality fence it’s important you use a quality varnish or preserver, otherwise the elements will strip it in mere months. You can use fence staining to ensure the wood stays fresh, and doesn’t end up looking worn and chipped. It also protects the colour, stopping it from running out in the rain and snow. There are all manner of cheap products on the markets, but here is where you certainly want to invest in quality varnish, otherwise you’ll end up having to buy another fence, which is far more costly.


Purchase A Suitable Lawnmower

Lawnmowers are a gardeners most useful tool. The ability to strip grass at an alarming rate to keep your garden looking trim and proper. But  only purchase something suitable. If you have a small garden then you don’t need to be purchasing something huge which would suit a soccer field, get something small, so you can turn it with more ease. Also, make sure it comes with a pack to store the grass, this can save you around half an hour of walking the garden and picking up clods of shed grass. Remember to maintain the blade too, keep it clear or debris and check your garden for harmful rocks before you start mowing. Using the right mower can keep your lawn looking great.


Knee Pads

If you’re kneeling down planting flowers then the hard stone or earthen floor can really start to hurt your knees, leaving you stiff and sore. But if you use knee pads you can wave bye to this problem. They’ll protect your knees and allow you to keep working, meaning you finish the job far more quickly.



A quality pay of secateurs, or garden scissors, can really make the difference if you like getting close with your plants and prunning them where necessary, they’re also good for trimming back thick weeds, as they’re incredibly strong. Buying a good pair means they have great padded grip, extremely sharp, and have a looking mechanism to keep the blades locked away. It also means you get a clean cut and aren’t left with damaged stems.

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