The Ultimate Luscious Lawn

Tips on how you can make your neighbors green with envy about your landscaping

Who doesn’t love looking at their lush green landscaping every morning? Come rain or shine, surely it’s always a complete pleasure. Next door, the neighbours are jealous. They are wondering how it’s kept so green. Here’s a few tips on how you can continue surprising people.


If you’re a keen gardener, you will enjoy tending to your garden every day once your long, hard slog at the office is done and dusted. Working there is such a stress reliever and the perfect hobby for you. Being an absolute trooper and having unbridled passion for all things green is a definite springboard into keeping the grass looking great. It’s not only mown and cut every week but it’s now common for everyone to hear the clip clipping noises of your secateurs early every Sunday morning. The plants in your garden look terrific, too. They look so big yet sophisticated and are flamboyantly rich in colour. Watering them daily has made a huge difference. That watering can of yours has certainly taken a battering these last few years but it’s completely worth it. It was also very wise of you to ask the garden expert in the local store about the latest seasonal flowers. That was some great market research and it’s vitally important to build up those kind of relationships. Organization is 100% key in gardening.


In the springtime or in the fall, it’s extremely common to undertake the process of lawn seeding. After just one or two sprinkles, that lawn which once looked trampled underfoot will look as good as new again, even if you have just hosted a late night Easter garden party a few nights previous. As regards to those organic fruit and vegetables that have been growing day and night on the patch, they have never looked so big and juicy. You’ve definitely enjoyed picking them and your wife has certainly enjoyed cooking them for a scrumptious family dinner. You should think of entering a few of those prized vegetables into the country fair this year too. If you pay as much attention to those vegetables as you do to your grass, then that golden crown will be definitely yours.


Yes, if you live in a rainy country, it may help your luscious lawn but what happens if you don’t? The solution is to add some extra water. Yes, it’s time to bring that watering can out again. It’s important that this is done daily especially during those hot summer months. No one likes to see a disused lawn. It’s a real turn off for visitors. The wildlife from around the area also love to roam around this section of paradise of yours. An array of birdhouses have been set up for the wide variety of birds that love to fly in each morning and frogs and toads love to jump around in the extensive algae free pond.


With all this aforementioned advice, your grass should continue looking fresh and green for the foreseeable future. So get your boots on and enjoy the fresh air.

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