4 Ways to the Bring the Comforts of Indoor Living to an Open Air Setting

Many people would spend long hours outdoors if they had comfortable seating and the right amenities. Still, few people outfit their homes exteriors with cozy indoor luxuries and opt instead for old wire furniture and plastic chairs.

Stop keeping all the conveniences locked away inside and instead opt to decorate your backyard space like a second living room.

Here are four ways to bring the comforts of indoor living to an outdoor poolscape.

Tip #1. Divide and Conquer

Image Credit: Image Via Designs Kala

A little glass screen works as a divider for a backyard pool space. Ideal for families with young children or anyone seeking to enjoy the outdoors without pool splash, this pool partition allows for a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor elements. A wicker patio sofa set provides a serene spot for hours of lounging lazily near the sounds of the water.

Tip #2.  Bring on the Heat

Image Credit: Image Via Mecca Builders

While staying outdoors for long hours might be desirable, many people can’t stand the cooler nighttime temperatures. Forget rushing indoors with the first blistery breeze and instead opt to add a fireplace, blankets and candles to a patio poolside area. An abundance of pillows and seating adds even more indoor elegance to this backyard.

Tip #3. Feast Fest

Image Credit: Image Via Eklektik Interiors

Setting up an outdoor patio complete with a large dining table ensures that guests will feel comfortable spending hours eating and swimming outside. A bar with a television, along with a wicker sofa and dining set, creates a space as warm and welcoming as any indoor kitchen and family room.  Ceiling fans, lanterns and plenty of sofa cushions make this spot feel decadent and relaxing.

Tip #4. Privacy Please

Image Credit: Image Via Décor Pad

Creating a canopy with curtains makes any backyard space feel more like an indoor zone. Adding a daybed or luxury chaise is the perfect way to create an outdoor sleep chamber. Colorful pillows and multiple chandeliers make this spot feel like a sophisticated hideaway. Designing a mini-house near the pool is a surefire way to win the favor of visiting friends and family who are determined to play at the pool all day long.

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