Heat & Glo's Primo II Gas Fireplace

Fire Features: The Light Of The Party

From fire pits to heaters, they illuminate and warm the scene in style.

Fire features, traditionally used to add warmth and comfort to outdoor settings, are taking on starring roles as luxury design statements in the backyard entertainment center. The latest fire pits, fireplaces, and heaters are custom, high-tech sculptural elements that invite everyone to gather around as the sun and the temperature go down.

“Many of our clients are seeking distinctive fire features that are unlike your typical fireplace,” says Kathy Rogers, category marketing director of Heat & Glo, which specializes in fireplace innovation. “Examples include spiral flames, zigzag flames, and even giant U-shaped fireplaces.” In addition to a double-sided fireplace, Heat & Glo’s collection includes an outdoor gas fireplace whose flames can be customized to any length or height. 

Plank & Hide’s patented slide-top fire pits, available in several sizes and finishes, are styled as chic coffee tables that provide extra room for snacks, drinks, and even games. Their tops slide open, locking in place to introduce fire to the scene, and at evening’s end, they slide close and lock, extinguishing the flames. 

Photograph courtesy of Heat & Glo

55,000-BUT burners are available in propane or natural gas. “Many customers want an elevated backyard entertainment area,” says Chris Probst, president of Plank & Hide. “Ours change the game completely.” The company’s newest product, which Probst describes as “very cool,” is a coffee table that converts to fire or ice without losing any serving or table surface area. 

ARCHPOT, which makes glass-fiber reinforced concrete fire tables, fire bowls, and fire water bowls, and matching planters, has introduced a mid-height rectangular fire table with modern styling that Steve Julien, who is on the company’s marketing team, calls “a centerpiece in any outdoor design.”

Photographs, left to right, courtesy of Heat & Glo, courtesy of Bromic Heating

Sleek and stylish outdoor heaters, such as those by Bromic Heating, add another option for warming up spaces. “Customers want a heating solution that is functional and looks good in the space as well,” says Michael Smith, vice president North America. “A majority of our residential customers want the ability to recess their outdoor heaters into ceilings and even with louvered pergolas.”

To that end, Bromic offers a variety of styles, finishes and mounting options for the wall and a choice of ceiling or recessed models. One is even designed to weather the elements in coastal and marine environments. Another collection features a heater with a dimmable LED light.

Photograph courtesy of Plank & Hide

With such a wide variety of options, fire features are the light of every outdoor party.

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