Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Custom Hardscapes


For over three decades, System Pavers, which has 17 locations across seven states, has been remodeling outdoor spaces, creating custom hardscapes, including patios, driveways, walls, lighting, turf, outdoor kitchens, barbeque islands, water features, decks, pergolas, and fire features that last for generations. Whether the company paves a small patio or goes “to the nines,” as Kauffman says, with elements such as pool decks, kitchens, and fire pits, the design process is identical.

“We make timeless designs that look as though they were created and installed when the home was built,” says Joe Kauffman, director of operations for the Texas office of System Pavers. “They look like they have always been there. Our projects are designed to not only last a lifetime but also to increase the value of the home.”

Photographs by, Nick Carver, Joe Barnet

The team meets with homeowners, gathering information about their lifestyle and their dream outdoor space. “We really dive into the details,” Kauffman says. “We look at everything from the architecture of the house, the material, the color, and its features, including the roof, the shutters, the light posts, and finishes. 

Once the concept is decided, the System Pavers team produces a rendering with the new design to illustrate to the homeowners the dramatic difference the new project will make.” Depending on the scope and the complexity, projects are constructed and installed in a week to three weeks.

Photographs by, Nick Carver, Joe Barnet

“Our designs blend colors, textures, and patterns, and they go beyond what other companies do,” Kauffman says, “because they solve a lot of existing problems, such as cracked concrete.” 

Every element, he adds, is maintenance-free, and there’s a 25-year installation warranty on the pavers and a 10-year installation warranty on the turf.

Photographs courtesy of System Pavers

Kauffman joined the company in 2013, after a career in the Coast Guard. “I was starting over,” he says. “And I fell in love with System Pavers. I started as a project manager and worked my way up.” 

The most rewarding part of a project, he says, is “the smiles on the homeowners’ faces when they see their new backyard, which extends their indoor space to the outdoors.” systempavers.com

Photographs courtesy of System Pavers

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