Luxury Trends in Al Fresco Living in 2018

One of the biggest and most exciting trends that you should be looking out for this year is the return in alfresco living. Essentially, this means bringing the indoor living aspects that you love, to the outside. We live in a time where life is hectic. We are all about work and getting things done, that we all lose sight of the chance to kick back and relax as much as possible. Time is the biggest luxury and when it slips through your fingers quickly, you can find yourself stuck for time to slow down.

It doesn’t matter whether you are totally green-thumbed and loves to get stuck into the garden or not, you can get out there and really enjoy yourself by simply relaxing. The best key for relaxation outdoors? Luxury. Whether you want to click here for some of the best covers to keep you in the shade in your garden, or you have a new swimming pool idea you’d like to get sorted, you need to think about what’s on trend. There are plenty of alfresco living options that are making their comeback in 2018, and we’ve got some of them listed for you below.

Outdoor Cooking. Everyone loves to get the family and friends together for a barbecue, but if you upgrade your barbecue to a full outdoor kitchen, you won’t even have to step inside for any of the accessories that you would usually be heading in and out of the house for. There are some superb outdoor kitchen options that you can look at here, but just think about how much easier it’ll be to cook for your friends if you could stay outside while you do it?

Garden Buildings. Some days the sun shines a little less than usual. You need to put something in place that allows you to chill out while staying under cover and you can go for some amazing patios to get you there. Alternatively, opting for an outdoor building to sit in the comfort away from most of the wind can make those lazy mornings with a newspaper (skip the social media) and coffee far more worth it.

Outdoor Dining Set. There’s not going to be much point in having an outdoor kitchen without somewhere to sit and enjoy the food that you’ve been cooking, is there? You can choose to colour match your dining set to your house, and you can even choose to put outdoor cushions on the seats to make them look stylish. To do something for the environment, you could choose to use 100% recyclable materials for your outdoor dining set. There’s nothing like being on trend and eco-friendly.

These trends will be making their comeback this year, and if you get your garden sorted you’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood. There is nothing wrong with a little luxury for your outdoor space, you just have to get yourself part of the trend. Add in fire pits, lounge sets and outdoor lighting and you’ve got yourself the space to be a trendsetter.

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