8 Infinity Pools We Love

Infinity pools, also called zero-edge, negative-edge, and vanishing-edge pools, give the illusion that the edge of the pool goes on forever, disappearing in the horizon. In actuality, the water of an infinity edge pool flows over one edge of the pool (called a weir wall) where is it caught in a catch basin and re-circulated back into the pool.


Infinity edge pools are a style beloved by many pool owners. They look best in backyards with beautiful scenery, especially locations that overlook a lake or ocean, mountain range, cityscape, or sweeping vista.

Here are eight of our favorite infinity pools:


Perched on a steep slope with a cantilevered 12-foot-high wall, this “Cloud Pool” has the illusion of floating in the clouds. Below the surface is a swim-up bar and built-in stools at the infinity edge. By keeping these features hidden below the water’s surface, the pool’s reflective beauty is not disrupted. This pool also has a hidden automatic cover that covers the pool with the flip of a switch; this keeps it clean and at a comfortable temperature. The owners and their guests can also relax in the spa’s contoured seats with ultimate message jets.



Photo courtesy of Master Pools Builder: Medallion Pool Company, Inc., Asheville, North Carolina. Photo by Danny Radcliff


This sweeping curve of this infinity pool captures the serenity of this breathtaking scene overlooking the city below. As water flows from the water bowl into the spa, it does not disturb the calm surface of the pool.



Designed by Skip Phillips in conjunction with Island Architects and Bruce Rudd, Landscape Architect; Photography courtesy of Gary Conaughton



In-pool lighting adds just the right mix of elegance and drama to this vanishing-edge pool. The walls of the connected raised spa are finished with a particular stone chosen to match the home’s façade. Two large planters and minimal landscaping add just the right touch of greenery to blend with the large trees beyond the pool’s edge.



Photography by Vern Nelson, Sonoma Vistas


Overlooking a magnificent desert panorama, this 70-foot long vanishing-edge pool sits at the front of the house, where from the street level it appears to be a simple water feature. Finished in Hydrazzo with travertine coping, the pool also features tile in three different colors and sizes. At bottom left you can see the spillway water feature of the raised spa.



Photo courtesy of Scott Sandler


This double vanishing-edge pool is perched high in the trees and with a fantastic view of the forest beyond. The attached spa, expansive deck, and serenely comfortable furniture create the perfect hideaway.






Overlooking rolling hills, this vanishing-edge pool is completely surfaced in Oceanside Glasstile®. Part of a welcoming setting that includes a custom fireplace, propane heaters, and a variety of seating options, this poolscape is the ideal vantage point for enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.


Photo courtesy of Carefree Pools, San Luis Obispo, CA; Landscape design by Fortini Landscape



This infinity pool features multilevel decking, glass tile and beautiful marble accents. A bridge of sleek rectangular stone slabs leads to the dock below. Two firebowls adorn either side of the vanishing edge to light up the night.


Photography courtesy of www.ConnieAndersonPhotography.com



The home’s architecture provided the inspiration for this sweeping poolscape. The colors, textures, and shapes found in the home are mirrored in the pool’s circular vanishing edge. The coping and deck are Italian limestone, and the weir wall of the infinity edge is finished in Sicis glass tile. Colorful landscaping completes this beautiful backyard.

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