Cold Plunge Pools

Incorporate cold water therapy into your health and fitness routine.

Are you ready to elevate your home recovery routine or reset your mental focus? If so, then it’s time to explore the benefits of cold plunge pools.

While the idea of immersing yourself in ice-cold water might make you shiver, the potential mental and physical benefits are too good to ignore. Cold plunge pools are said to reduce muscle soreness after a workout and enhance mental focus, among other health and wellness claims. Typically found alongside spas, saunas, or steam rooms, these pools are kept at a consistent temperature of 40 to 59 degrees.

Comments Mitchell Martinek, design director at Diamond Spas, “People are increasingly recognizing the health benefits that come with such a drastic change in water temperature. Rapidly cooling the body in a cold plunge pool can stimulate blood circulation, detoxify pores, reduce pain, accelerate metabolism, and help spike dopamine levels. They are ideal for homeowners looking to prioritize their overall wellness.” 

 If you’re serious about experiencing these benefits, plunge pools offer a simple and convenient way to incorporate cold water therapy into your health and fitness routine. Diamond Spas’ cold plunges are completely customizable, including the size, shape, style, and seating configuration.

Photographs, top to bottom, courtesy of Diamond Spas, by Sylvia Schug

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